This Town Just Voted To Destroy Confederate Monuments Because They Are RACIST!

Activist with the Dallas Peace Center stand by a statue of General Robert E. Lee during a protest at Lee Park Tuesday, June 30, 2015, in Dallas. John Fullinwider, the organizer of the event that nearly 30 persons showed up to said that they gathered in hopes of prompting a dialogue with city officials regarding confederate symbols around the city. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)


Our past makes us who we are today, but that doesn’t matter to the left. They will only be happy when everything they deem politically incorrect gets destroyed.

New Orleans is the latest city to lose their minds. Council members just voted 6-1 to take down 4 historical monuments because they claim the monuments are “racist”. Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s claims this needed to be done in order to“correct these historical wrongs.”

After nine African-Americans were murdered by a psycho with a gun on June 17th in the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Landrieu called for the removal of the statues.

Three of the historic monuments depict prominent leaders of the Confederacy — General P.G.T. Beauregard, Confederate president Jefferson Davis and Gen. Robert E. Lee, whose monument currently towers over the popular Lee Circle. The fourth statue is a shrine to the Battle of Liberty Palace, a rebellion of Confederate veterans against the New Orleans police during 1874.

“The time surely comes when (justice) must and will be heard,” Landrieu said. “Members of the council, that day is today. The Confederacy, you see, was on the wrong side of history and humanity. We, the people of New Orleans, have the power and we have the right to correct these historical wrongs.”

 Who do these people think they are? This is our history! This is what makes America the great country it is today. Whether you agree with the Confederacy or not, their fight is a vital part of America’s foundation. You can’t just erase the parts of history you don’t like.

City Council President Jason Williams claimed that the move would “heal racial wounds” in New Orleans, saying it’s a way of cutting the “umbilical cord” the city shares with the Confederate legacy.

Councilwoman Stacy Head was the only voice of reason; she said that removing the monuments would not create real social change and would instead rewrite history. She proposed a compromise of allowing the statues of Lee and Beauregard to remain where they are but adding plaques to provide a historical context. Her perfectly rational idea was of course dismissed immediately.

Liberals have even gone as far as creating an interactive map where people can report “racially offensive” monuments. I guess 200 year old dead guys are a threat to their “safe space”.



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