Jewish Extremists Feel Israel’s Fury

Israel is doubling down against Jewish extremists after a deadly firebomb attack on a Palestinian home. The attack killed an 18 month old child and father. The mother and brother suffered from wombs but survived. Associated Press reported that on Sunday Israel arrested two very high-profiled ultranationalist, Israeli decent, for six months. Without charging the two, they then arrested suspects in the outposts of the West Bank settlement.

israel is serious


Israeli troops shot and killed Palestinian, in the West Bank, stabbed an Israeli. The people in the region have been under intense pressure amongst each other.

Reports of the attack was called “the arson attack an act of Jewish terrorism“.  The Israel Security Cabinet office has even gone as far as including allowing suspects to be imprisoned for a long time with no charges filed against them.

It comes as a shock to some because, though these measures have been used before, it is mostly used against Palestinians who have been suspect to be involved with militant groups rather than the Israeli people.

H/T: The Associated Press

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