Jealous Husband Makes Sure His Wife’s Lover NEVER Has Sex Again, How He Does it is DISGUSTING!




Wow, if you try to sleep with this man’s wife, you won’t be having sex again! A 24 year old graduate student, Ikki Kotsugai, believed his wife was cheating on him with a 42-year-old lawyer in Tokyo. So he took matters into his own hands…literally.

Kotsugai went to the lawyers office and violently confronted him. After bursting in, Kotsugai punched the lawyer in the face and when he was down, Kotsugai pulled out garden shears and CUT HIS PENIS OFF! But Kotsugai wasn’t finished, he wanted to be sure that the penis he just removed could not be sewn back on. So he went to the public restrooms of the building and flushed it down the toilet!

Kotsugai has been charged with inflicting bodily harm. The victim is recovering, but his manhood is gone forever.

Just goes to show you, you should NEVER mess with another man’s wife!