Jamie Lynn Spears Knife Fight

jamie Sweet little Jamie Lynn Spears and a friend went out to get something to eat last weekend at the Pita Pit in Hammond, LA. What started as a quiet night out ended in a brawl. Spears’ friend was attacked by another patron and a huge fight began to ensue.

Quick-thinking Spears jumped to the rescue, grabbing her friend and dragging her behind the counter. Spears then grabbed a huge serrated knife and ultimately ended the fight.

“I have been with Pita Pit for several years, and have never seen anything like this before,” restaurant owner Jack J. Brighenti tells E! News. “The events that happened occurred after 2 a.m. this past Saturday night just before we closed. A group of males got into an altercation and for some reason Jamie Lynn Spears ran behind the counter and picked up a bread knife.”

Spears’ friend did not press charges and no arrests were made. Thanks to Spears’ quick thinking everything ended before it became truly out of hand.