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ISIS Fighter: Women Who Provoke Men’s Desire Must Die


Years ago, this writer was acquainted with a young Islamic woman.  This girl was friendly, as many of us in that environment were.  I’m Catholic.  One worker was a Buddhist nun.  Another girl was Hindi from Nepal.  The older ladies were, for the most part, protestant.  There were even a handful of Jews.  My muslim friend wore a headscarf, although did not have her neck covered and was most envious of one of the aspects of being a western Christian that people like me take for granted.  She very badly wanted to be able to take voice lessons, but singing – any sort of music, actually – is banned in Islam.

When this young woman, whose name is lost to the historical piling on in the gray matter, explained the strictures of Islam for women, the entirety of it was to dress and act in a manner not sexually provocative to men.  No singing, no dancing, no alcohol, and no baring a woman’s hair, which in the west is known as a woman’s glory and her plumage.  Scientific studies even say that men look to hair as a way to tell if a woman is healthy for childbearing.

Well, in Islam, unlike the west, men are not expected to actually enjoy the interplay between the sexes.  They are welcome to dive right in, as it were, and take what they want.  Women are blamed for inflaming lust if they are dressed in something other than a potato sack and if they get raped, well, it’s their fault.

This is the backdrop for comments made by Abu Baqer al-Maqdadis, a Palestinian ISIS fighter who is currently living in Gaza after being injured fighting in Iraq.  He was a guest on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio in Jerusalem over the weekend (quote is courtesy of Breitbart):

According to the Sharia laws, a woman who doesn’t put a hijab on her head, who doesn’t cover her head, should be killed. These are the laws of Sharia. But the truth is we don’t like to kill, so we were giving warnings to ladies who don’t accept to put on the hijab. We talked to her husband, her father, her brother in order to convince her. And at the end of the day, if she refuses we exiled her from the borders of the Islamic State.

This ISIS veteran was not anywhere close to the top of the food chain, and in his day the fighters were just warning women, according to him.  BUT, the coercion of using family members to get women to comply with wardrobe regulations that the west left firmly in the Middle Ages, is definitely all ISIS.

But that is not all.  It is not just the women who dress and act provocatively as Mohammad deemed was provocative who should die.  The men should, too:

I think that the Islamic State is following justice according to Allah and the Prophet. When the Prophet Muhammad bombarded the city of Taíf, he was asked, “Why are you attacking a city when there are innocents who were not involved in what the infidels did against the Muslims.” He said the innocents will pay the price for what the infidels did to the Muslims.

I think if a Muslim is there and if a Muslim is in a café or in a restaurant or in a theater where there is dancing and alcohol and prostitution and singing, I don’t think he is a good Muslim, and he deserves what happens to him, and he will have Allah to answer to. We don’t think Muslims should be present in such places. But in general we can say that there are no innocents who are being killed, because we are sanctioning those who killed us.

And then an entire race of innocent people is blamed for the actions of people who were most likely defending themselves against a militaristic warlord who spread his “religion” by the sword.   Break the rules of conduct, and you die.  We Catholics just ask the people to go to Confession.  Apostates are always welcomed back with open arms.

Now, this is not to say that in the history of Christianity this fight over women’s hair being covered wasn’t an issue.  Technically speaking, we are still supposed to have our heads covered in Church and various big names over the centuries have been quite stern about that, but they never said KILL THE WOMAN!  The correction was meant to bring a woman back into God’s grace…and to keep the distractions for men at prayer to a minimum.  (They can’t help it.)

So now we know.  We western girls who like to show off our locks are destined for the other side if the ruling men of ISIS are successful in their endeavors.  Yet one more reason to not want Sharia Law… right next to Irish whiskey and the cute and charming tyrants that run my house.

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