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ISIS After American Blood – Time To Overdose On Bacon


“The American Blood Is Best And We Will Taste It Soon” screams a headline from Powerline Blog.  This writer, being an avowed cook thought, yeah, but it tastes like bacon, and beer.

Seriously, though, now that ISIS has demonstrated that they can get weapons and explosives into gun-free zones in France, how exactly are we going to stop them from doing the same in the United States?  After all, mentally ill people do it all the time in America.  ISIS terrorists might be nasty pieces of work, but they are perfectly sane.

What’s interesting with the blood tasting idea is that jihadis and ISIS think that the people here are all roll over and play dead kinds of wimps.  What makes them think that Americans won’t find a way to neutralize a shooting threat?  (They don’t know us very well, or the French either.)  Since September 11, 2001, the people here have a different take on life.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t stupidity from a number of quarters.  This writer regularly attends National Hockey League games and has to walk through airport style mags to get into the building, a gun free zone.  A shooter being up in the catwalks could do a lot of damage.  In the stands…yeah, escapees from the jail next door have been tackled by the fans.  (We’re playing the Blackhawks tonight. Yeah, their fans might be obnoxious, but don’t mess with them.)

This week, reports are that there are almost a thousand open “probes” on ISIS terrorists within the United States.  1,000.  And that doesn’t count the 10,000 “migrants” dumped in New Orleans that are bound to include even more jihadis that just haven’t met their ground connections yet.  Powerline says:

No one can seriously doubt that ISIS, and other Muslim terrorist groups, are doing all they can to attack the United States. We, meanwhile, are welcoming enormous numbers of immigrants from Islamic countries, and have gone “open borders” so that anyone can enter the United States from the south. What reason is there to think that Islamic terrorists will not enter across our unguarded borders and organize attacks similar to, or worse than, what France experienced tonight? None.

It should be obvious this is happening, just as it should be obvious that all the “gun free” zones are leaving the people themselves to be sitting ducks – just as happened in France overnight in public venues.

Last night’s attack in Paris further affirms that the idea of “COEXIST” is a liberal wet dream, a fantasy.  It ain’t happening because the C wants to kill the rest of us.  And now the ISIS declaration is that they want to drink American blood.  Well, before they get to us, this writer suggests we overdose on bacon, and whatever alcohol we can find.  It’s one way to get ahead of them.

Oh, yeah, and I guess I need to learn to shoot.

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