Iraqi Media Outlets Report: “ISIS Fighters Have Contracted Ebola”


In a perfect example of the ultimate Karma, it’s being reported that ISIS militants have been showing up at an Iraqi hospital with Ebola.
According to three media outlets, an undisclosed number of militants displaying signs of the disease attended a hospital in the ISIS-held city of Mosul, 250 miles north of Baghdad.
Mosul has been under ISIS control since June 2014. According to Benjamin T. Decker, an intelligence analyst with the Levantine Group,
nearly a dozen doctors have been executed for refusing to treat ISIS fighters.
A report in Iraq’s pro-government newspaper, al Sabaah, says the disease was brought to Mosul by ‘terrorists’ arriving ‘from several countries’ and Africa.
World Health Organization officials said they haven’t confirmed the cases, but the organization has reached out to offer assistance.

It’s unclear if any disease experts or doctors in Mosul are even able to test for the Ebola virus. A Kurdish official, who was convinced the cases are Ebola, told the Kurdish media outlet Xendan that the militants’ symptoms were similar to those of the Ebola virus.

The Ebola virus could easily be misdiagnosed in that area of the world. It’s symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, bleeding and bruising are shared with other diseases such as malaria and yellow fever.
The reports an ISIS Ebola breakout is happening have appeared  in pro-government and Kurdish media. Although it may sound like a problem taking care of itself, it could also have catastrophic implications for people in ISIS-held areas. The Islamic state refuses to have any part of western science and medicine.
If the reports are true, this is not only a world health issue, but it could be used as a biological terror technique. Forbes reported in October that ISIS militants could contract the virus on purpose and then go to foreign countries to infect others. National security professor Al Shimkus told Forbes,
“The individual exposed to the Ebola virus would be the carrier. In the context of terrorist activity, it doesn’t take much sophistication to go to that next step to use a human being as a carrier.”
I wonder if our Nobel Peace Prize winning president will be shipping ISIS members to our hospitals so they can get the best care available. It sounds crazy, but with the way Obama coddles our enemies and disrespects our allies, NOTHING would surprise me.