Iran Getting Help From China Building Nuclear Plants

Iran nuclear

As if Russia providing a missile defense system to Iran this week was not enough, now we find out that China is oh, so happy to help Iran build five light water nuclear plants.  This would be in addition to the two that the Russians are already helping them with.

Iran announced that China has agreed to assist in the building of five new nuclear plants across the country, according to Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI).

Iran plans to enlist the Chinese in the construction of five new nuclear plants similar in size and scope to the plant currently operating near Bushehr.

According to the Obama Administration, such light-water nuclear reactors do not violate United Nations restrictions or the 2013 agreement reached with Iran.  The reason given for the new facilities, especially those along the coast, is to desalinate water.  If Iran could be trusted, there would be no worries.  But, with upgrades these plants could be used at some point in the future to produce weapons grade fissionable material.

As time goes on, and Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry continue to stumble their way through “diplomacy,” one thing is quite clear: they are the JV squad.  They are quickly unraveling the coalition built to contain Iran and keep the nuclear threat in check.

Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser, said that years of diplomacy with Iran have nearly unraveled a sanctions regime that brought the Iranian economy to its knees.

“Obama’s partisans like to bash Republicans as anti-diplomacy and they vilify men like [former U.N. Ambassador] John Bolton,” Rubin said. “But it was John Bolton who crafted unanimous and near unanimous U.N. Security Council Resolutions to bring Iran to its knees, while it is the likes of Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry who have unraveled multilateral pressure and opened the floodgates both to Iranian enrichment and to adversaries like China and Russia to jump in with deals that make Iranian cheating even easier.”

“For all their rhetoric and fawning press, Obama and Kerry have confirmed themselves as the real JV team in the region,” Rubin said.

This brings a number of aspects of the Iranian question into play, namely will reinforcing U.S. sanctions against Iran make any difference if China and Russia are supplying them?  The Iranian regime has found a way around a U.S. built coalition banding with our adversaries in a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” sort of way.  None of this bodes well.

P.S.  John Bolton for Secretary of State.

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