Insider Information Says 81 Percent German Migrants Unskilled And Worse


Germany can’t blame anyone else if she ceases to exist in the near future.  Internal documents from the German Federal Employment Agency leaked to Junge Freiheit, an “anti-establishment” publication, outline the stark and disturbing numbers.

  • The majority of migrants are under the age of 45, 73% are between 15 and 35.
  • The agency expects 400,000 new migrants on welfare in the next year.
  • Over 80% have no “qualifications” meaning marketable skills.  No mention of jihad skills or affiliations.
  • Only 8% have any appreciable level of schooling beyond the primary grades.
  • To deal with the influx of new claimants, the government agency dealing with welfare will have to add 3,500 jobs.
  • Additional claimants will require an additional 855 million Euro to a budget that is already several tens of billions large.
  • New staff to help the invaders are to include migrants.

This is NOT the rosy picture being painted by the German media – or even any of the rest of the mainstream media – of how the “migrants” or “refugees” or “immigrants” are more or less a new work force full of educated physicians, lawyers and skilled laborers.  These people have no appreciable skills and the big fear in the internal documents is following in Sweden’s footsteps.

The German agency that produced the document does not deny the contents, and in fact, says that they are true.  However, the information is not being picked up outside of opposition publications and those of us in the blogosphere.  It adds to the barrage of stories that are being leaked out of Germany that the situation is far from tolerable and that the people are being inundated by the invasion.

As for Germany – and the rest of the west – several sociologists, and more than one pope in the last 55 years have begged the people to be generous in welcoming progeny.  Their warnings and pleas went ignored.  Now, they, and we to an extent, are going to find out WHY such prognostications were uttered.  Essentially, the people behind the influx are using the lack of young workforce as an excuse.

Details of the German welfare office document come via Breitbart.

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