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In France GAME ON! For Climate Change Conference


Forget ISIS, fighting ISIS and dealing with national security after terrorist attacks.  NO! Time to take the real enemy head on.  And what would that be?  Climate Change.

Yes, you read that headline right.  After ISIS terrorists shot up a handful of venues in Paris in retaliation for the French actually hitting ISIS targets in Syria (good for them), the French are still going to host the UN Conference on Climate Change because we can’t let the earth get one degree warmer even if it’s not happening, you know.

France plans to go ahead with a global climate change summit in Paris at the end of the month, the prime minister said on Saturday, despite a wave of deadly attacks on Friday night that killed 127 people in the capital.

The conference “will be held because it’s an essential meeting for humanity,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls told TF1 television on Saturday evening.

He said the summit would also be an opportunity for world leaders to show their solidarity with France after the attacks.

Almost 120 world leaders are expected to attend the Paris Conference scheduled for November 30 – December 11, including Barack Obama, Occupier of the Oval Office and John Kerry, the US’s Secretary of State.  (Reuters didn’t say of the Secretaries of The Interior, Energy, or head of the EPA would be attending, but even money says the gang will all be there.)

Just so that Americans have this straight, the “leader” of the country and his right hand lurch couldn’t be bothered to stand in solidarity with an ally after an ideological attack, but will be happy to go there and stand by that same ally when there is a climate treaty to be signed that will erode national sovereignty and enshrine in an unofficial treaty “settled science” that is in the process of being debunked.  The majority of Americans put a whole lot of issues ahead of climate change as things to worry about.  This writer would be willing to bet the people of a number of other developed nations feel the same way.

Not that our opinion counts.

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