Hillary’s Private Emails: Some Surfaced Online Two Years Ago, Outline Her Personal Spy Network

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Forget the wiped server that Hillary Clinton’s camp turned over to the Special Committee on Benghazi this week.  Online publication Gawker with Pro Publica has linked its latest Clinton email scandal story to a 2013 post titled, “Hacked Emails Show Hillary Clinton Was Receiving Advice At A Private Email Account From Banned, Obama-Hating Former Staffer” and with that connection, a whole new look at Hillary’s time at State may well have opened up.

It seems that a rather infamous Romanian hacker Marcel-Lehel Lazar calling himself “Guccifer” hacked into any number of politicians and aides private email accounts a couple years ago, and circulated what was purportedly found via email blasts.  One of the people who Guccifer “outed” was Sid Blumenthal – known as Sid Vicious in political circles according to Hugh Hewitt and Chuck Todd – and one of the matters discussed in the emails Sid sent to Hillary from an AOL account was, you guessed it, Benghazi.

Since Lazar is fairly obsessed with the main one world, globalist conspiracy meme and regularly makes the cryptic cabal called “Illuminati” his targets, the cache at the time did not make it past websites with similar interests, and the true pajamas media.  However, in the past few days, as the Hillary Clinton camp is playing a very sloppy game of cat and mouse with Rep. Trey Gowdy and his Benghazi committee, the emails published by Lazar have taken on tremendous significance.  So much so, that Sid Blumenthal’s private email account from which many of the private intelligence laced emails relating to Benghazi both before and after the September 11, 2012 attack, was the subject of an Ed Morrissey HotAir piece.

Could it be that THIS and not fundraising work for the Clinton Foundation was what Hillary was trying to hide with a private email server?  Was Sid Blumenthal, a man rejected by the Obama Administration when Hillary requested he work under her at State because he doesn’t like Obama, running a secret intelligence service for Mrs. Clinton when she was Secretary of State?  (Like she didn’t trust the CIA or something.)

According to what has been pieced together by Gawker, Blumenthal more or less ran a parallel intelligence operation getting information from sources on the ground in multiple countries using former CIA operatives and their contacts to obtain information that may or may not have made it to the Secretary’s office via the White House.  What Hillary would have known via official channels is another matter, and the true motivation for the duplication is known only to her, but it is rather interesting that a woman who was fired from the Watergate investigation was most likely doing the same sort of sneaky stuff that Richard Nixon did while he was president with the plumbers and all that.

As for what the Blumenthal emails, as well as some other supplementary characters, provided is that weeks before the Benghazi attack it was known that the security “climate” in Libya was in a downward spiral.  There were a number of small attacks attributed to late Libyan Prime Minister Muammar Gaddafi loyalists prior to September 11, 2012.  The infamous video appears as a cause of the Benghazi attack initially and then is dismissed less than 48 hours after the event as more is learned and “Libyan security officials believed an Islamist radical group called the Ansa al Sharia brigade had prepared the attack a month in advance and “took advantage of the cover” provided by the demonstrations against the video.”  That pretty much matches testimony from CIA officials who came to similar conclusions.  (The full set of Blumenthal Benghazi related emails is available at the bottom of this Gawker piece.)

There is quite a bit of additional information in the Gawker and HotAir pieces referenced above, but within the scope of the Benghazi investigation, the fact that Hillary had her own private spy service and they knew that things were deteriorating in Libya does not bode well for any reason to have left the ambassador to the country and members of his security team exposed.  Not only that, it still does not explain what Chris Stephens and company were doing in the desert that night.

And then there was this from yesterday’s Gawker piece:

Whatever Blumenthal, Shearer, Drumheller, and Grange were up to in 2011, 2012, and 2013 on Clinton’s behalf, it appears that she could have used the help: According to State Department personnel directories, in 2011 and 2012—the height of the Libya crisis—State didn’t have a Libyan desk officer, and the entire Near Eastern Maghreb Bureau, which which covers Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Libya, had just two staffers. Today, State has three Libyan desk officers and 11 people in the Near Eastern Maghreb Bureau. A State Department official wouldn’t say how many officers were on the desk in 2011, but said there was always “at least one” officer, and “sometimes many more,” working on Libya.

It all just gets deeper and deeper, and all the onion pealing going on is getting really fascinating or depressing depending on one’s point of view.  Hillary had no oversight, there was no Libya desk officer, everyone knew the YouTube story was a ruse and yet Susan Rice repeated it ad nauseam, there’ve been multiple government investigations into the attack at Benghazi and the reason nothing has been found is because the real information on what was going on was nowhere near the State Department.

So far, there is no indication that the Special Committee on Benghazi has taken an interest in Sid Blumenthal’s emails or what a hacker (who might be the real thing or a really clever con artist) published two years ago.  However, in light of the wiped server delivered to Capitol Hill, expect to see all this explode in the coming weeks.  It’s always a good idea for executives to have multiple sources for information and utilize private investigation and security services.  When the executive in question is a government official, on the other hand….

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