Hillary Clinton’s Unflattering Poll Numbers Reflect The Rest Of Her


On the list of things to be thankful for as we all sit down for apple pie, baked potatoes, dressing, pan gravy and one big indigenous American bird roasted with butter under the skin to make it tender (okay, that’s CL’s version): Democrats put all their eggs in one basket.  Hillary Clinton’s to be exact.

And in a miracle of modern media as even the distracted soccer moms, football widows and their counterparts are at least somewhat paying attention – at least on the periphery – all of Hillary’s “death of a thousand cuts” revelations about the server thing, and her just stellar personality that attracts wasps like a bug zapper in a heat wave, Hillary’s poll numbers against Republicans, just about any Republican, are going the way of the Titanic.  She’s taking on water and sinking fast.  Well, we hope, anyway.  Hillary’s poll numbers are not good, and they are not getting any better.

Hillary poll numbers sink

With almost a year to go before the election and absolutely no primaries under the 2016 belt, this poll may mean nothing.  At the same time, it may mean absolutely everything.  The people of the country, or at least on the Fox News poll, are not fans.  Not that we should be all that surprised about participants in that poll being of a more patriotic bent, but really, Bill Clinton’s “wife” should be more competitive at this point if she really is the front-runner.

For months now, Hillary has been trailing in the “honest and trustworthy” department, and this poll backs that number just the same as all the others have.  What this poll, does that is different though, is demonstrate that it isn’t just a woman who can beat her.  Carly Fiorina is TIED with the Democratic heiress apparent, which belies one of Fiorina’s not very well thought out campaign claims that only a woman could beat her.  Hillary is trailing the guys who are actually more trusted on foreign policy in the wake of terrorist attacks on two different continents in less than a week.

From the Devil’s Advocate perspective, this Fox News poll talked to 40% Republicans, 39% Democrats, and 18% independents.  Independents are expected to turn out in much greater numbers in the general election, and the primaries for that matter.  And, as a word of warning from the state that saw a Republican go down in flames in a senate race he should have won handily, turning out and voting in the primaries is just as important as the general.  When a Dem wants to run against someone specific, they will sic the ground game on the primaries and get him or her the nomination.  (That’s exactly what happened.)

Ed Morrissey at HotAir has more in the way of wonky analysis on this poll, but it looks like there is a chance that plans for Hillary Clinton’s coronation may be amazingly premature.

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