Hillary Clinton Lies Pile Up With New Email Chain


The drips are getting bigger and the cuts are getting deeper

Isn’t it amazing what happens when the various pieces and parts of government work together?  Over at the Department of Defense, they were reviewing some of retired General David Petraeus’ email (he was head of the U.S. Central Command at the time (CENTCOM)) and found – shocker – emails from Hillary Clinton regarding personnel matters at the State Department.

What’s more, the dates line up to call into question quite a number of the Hildebeast’s claims of the timeline she put in a sworn statement under penalty of perjury.  So what are the lies?

  • She handed over all work related emails.  The string the Defense Department had was not in the thousands of pages the State Department was given.
  • She started using a personal server and the [email protected] on March 19, 2009.  The email string in question has emails from that account as of January 28, 2009. (via New York Times)
  • Before the [email protected] account was set up, Hillary used a private Blackberry account.  That does not appear to be the case.

There are admissions from the Clinton camp that not all work related emails were handed over to the State Department.  At this time, no one from there is answering further  questions and they all seem to be sticking to the talking points.

Given that there are multiple investigations from various government agencies going on simultaneously, Hillary and company have to be feeling the heat.  These exposed lies put her in legal jeopardy, as they now carry the level of perjury.  It is understood in government circles that the “new” cache of email will be handed over to the Special Committee on Benghazi for their perusal as well.

As for the server itself, given the number of experts who claim that no email is ever really deleted, and that there are ghosts of said emails on the hardware…who has the routers?  So far, that question hasn’t been asked.  But it’s not like Hillary Clinton’s operation was ever all that high tech knowledgeable anyway.

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