Illegal Immigrants Now Getting Higher Education for Free! Guess Who is Picking Up the Tab…

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Did you know that in California, 20,000 illegals went to college on your tax dollars?  It’s true.

In Florida, Governor Rick Scott passed Bill 851 about a year and a half ago.  The bill allows illegal immigrants to attend college without paying a higher out-of state tuition fee.  Unbelievable!  People who came here illegally and arrogantly jumped in front of the line of the people waiting to come here legally are now being given a financial break by Gov. Scott.

There are 2,475 illegal “students” here that we know of.  They will attend our colleges and take advantage of our country’s entitlements until they get a decent paying profession.  How can this work when they cross into our country ILLEGALLY.
What gives them the right to boldly think that they deserve this discount. They have broken the laws of our land!

Juliana Rodriguez, a 20 year old graduate from Fort Walton Beach High School and  Lisbeth Murillo, a 17 year old who migrated here from Honduras, got the DREAM Act Entitlement to stay here when Obama needed Latino votes for his presidential nomination.  Ms. Rodriguez is a year short of the requirement in the DREAM Act that grants conditional residency to those who came here before the age of 16.  She doesn’t speak English so she’ll need a translator.  I guess our tax dollars will pay for her special illegal needs.

Rodriguez who spoke with Murillo as her translator came from Columbia in 2012 when thousands of illegals we’re walking up to border agents and breaking the law willingly and openly for Americans to see.  They said Obama said we could come here and live.

Rodriguez’s defense of supporting her illegal status and privilege to attend college here is, “We don’t choose where we are born.” “My dream is to attend college and I feel it’s a good opportunity.”

Both girls want to go to college, but weren’t sure how they would afford it.  “The bill is a big help for all of us illegals to pursue our careers with out things getting in the way!”

I have a daughter who is American and has to pay our Federal government a lot of money back so she could attend college to “have a better life” too.   She is still paying it back!

Illegals don’t qualify for state and federal aid so without the waiver they would have to pay double the cost of tuition.  Florida is giving lawbreakers a break and ignoring our immigration laws.

Rodriguez states that “One of our purposes of coming to the U.S. is to do things that we couldn’t do in our own countries.”  Murillo said, “We are no different than those who were born here.  We are equal in God’s eyes.”

These people are blind to what God is about.  God says that we should obey the laws of the land, it’s in the bible.  Leave it to liberals and illegals to make up their own set of laws to suit their needs.  Screw the Americans!  This is Obama’s transition of America and it’s not healthy nor lawful.

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H/T Northwest Florida Daily News