The Gun Problem In America? Those Who Don’t Own Guns…

image It all started on that horrible day at Columbine. Two punks looking for attention and our media played right into their hands. Thanks to the media we have copycat killings while liberals want to blame guns. Adam sat in his basement studying shootings of the past. He knew the more shocking the story the more reporters would show up. Well, if we want to stop these random acts of violence, we have to quit giving the shooters what they want. Quit putting their faces on television, and doing stories on their poor pathetic lives. If they are dead or in custody, they will never hurt another again. Every time the news does a story on a shooter, copycats sit at home devising their own wicked plans.

In the 90’s baseball fans were running onto the field. They were attacking players just to be seen on the news. They would set their VCR and head out to the game. Once they got out of jail, they got to see themselves on Sportscenter. Major League Baseball and Sportscenter got smart. They quit showing mug shots of these people looking for attention. If you are dumb enough to run out into the field, they turn the cameras away until you head off to jail. We now get to watch Sportscenter again without these types of stories. The epidemic of what baseball had to face is back to normal. You can go to a game without the distraction of an idiot running onto the field.

When I say Columbine, what faces do you see? It’s a shame that most of us only see two. The two that brought pain and anger to everyone’s room. The media goes on about gun control without considering the source. Instead of the media blaming guns maybe they should take a look in the mirror. They are the ones who inspire copycats to do what they do. If everyone were armed these punks would have to look elsewhere for attention. Guns have never been our problem. Our problem with guns are those who look for any reason to take them. You don’t blame a car after an accident you blame the driver. Just like you should blame the shooter and not the gun. God bless each and everyone… Semper Fi, Shep #Marine4Truth                          image