Gun Free Zones In America? It Worked So Well In Aurora And Paris!

image                                            Earlier a fourteen year old woke up to the voice of his mother asking intruders not to harm her children. Thank God he knew where his father’s gun was and his family was not harmed. They weren’t harmed because the family owned a gun. He shot and killed one while injuring another. The third coward ran, but was subsequently found and apprehended. This took place in Houston but it wasn’t brought up because it didn’t help the gun control activist. If those three cowards had used their guns to hurt the family story that would have been all over the news. My friend was murdered by a man with a gun while we were unarmed. If we had access to a gun that day my friend would likely still be here. If that gunman had thought there was a chance that any of us were armed, he would have selected someone else to mess with that day.

Every gun control activist should put a sign in their yard saying they have no guns. They should get rid of their armed security and advertise they are unarmed. I would be willing to bet they wouldn’t last a month without being robbed. Just ask the linebacker coach for the Houston Texans. His wife told followers on Twitter they were going to be gone for a few hours. A few hours later that coach lost three Super Bowl rings to intruders. There are over 30,000 deaths each year caused by accidents while driving, and 10,000 of those are killed due to drinking and driving. You are not going to take away our cars to keep people from drinking and driving. You’re not going to take away our guns to prevent criminals from committing crime.

There are bad people in this world and that will never change. Politicians say their number one job is to protect the American people. They say this while they have armed bodyguards for protection. The second amendment has protected this country and its people for over 238 years. The Japanese did not invade this country because they would have found a gun behind every blade of grass. The terrorist hAbe set up shop in this country and our guns will destroy them. The president won’t seal our borders and protect our kids. I can guarantee the American people and their guns will… God bless America and I thank him for our guns… Semper Fi, Shep