Gun Control Reality Check: Wednesday In Chicago Deadliest In Over 10 Years

Blood money

Chicago really should be the poster child in the United States for why gun control coupled with zero respect for human life just doesn’t work.  But no.  In the city now famous for the most restrictive gun laws in the nation – and the highest murder rate – the criminals came one death short of tying the record of ten murders in a single day this week.

Nine people were killed and at least 12 others wounded in shootings across Chicago Wednesday, including an 11-year-old boy slain by accidental gunfire.

Wednesday was the deadliest day in the city in over a decade. It approaches the peak of 10 that occurred on July 5, 2003, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Mark Thursday, September 3, 2015 on the calendar.  It was the day the Chicago Tribune did the research and realized just how bad things are in the Windy City.  (The article itself is a subscription piece.)

Chicago’s NBC affiliate provided the list of the nine lives lost. In several of the incidents, the shooters “walked up” and killed the victim.  One was accidental.  At least one was considered to be gang related.  In addition to the killings, an additional twelve people were shot on Wednesday.  Much of this was gang related even if the details on each are fairly sparse at this point.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said at the time that he was “saddened and sickened” by the crime, ABC reported.

As he should be.  However, that isn’t going to do a darn thing to lead the gangs of Chicago into solving their differences some other way.  Gun control laws certainly aren’t going to do it.  The criminals – who don’t follow law by definition – aren’t going to follow them.  From Before It’s News:

The vast majority of criminals don’t buy guns from gun shows, according to a survey by the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

In the survey of nearly 100 detainees at the Cook Co. Jail, about 70% said they bought guns from “social connections” or corrupt cops and only a handful of them purchased guns from licensed dealers at gun shops or shows.

“Some of the pathways people are concerned about don’t seem so dominant,” said Harold Pollack, co-director of the crime lab.

The survey also revealed that AR-15s and AK-47s, often demonized as “assault rifles” by the media, areunpopular among thugs and despite Chicago’s strict gun control laws, inmates were able to get a gun within six months of release.

Seeing as how Chicago is in Cook County, how about using this week as a gun control reality check.  It doesn’t work as a strategy to prevent crime.

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