Gun Control Liberals SHOCKED To Find Out Where Criminals Get Their Guns


A few weeks ago, before Chicago’s most deadly day in over a decade, a study was published by researchers from the University of Chicago Crime Lab who talked to the criminals in the Cook County system to find out where they got their guns.  The answer was what just about anyone who pays attention to the details would figure: the black market, friends and corrupt cops.

Now, before shrugging at the computer screen and saying, “Well, DUH, CL,” bear with me.  See, according to the liberals out there who live in a gun control echo chamber la la land with their fingers in their ears, the reason we need gun control, of course, is to keep weapons out of the hands of would be criminals.  As if a career felon with a rap sheet longer than my Christmas list is going to head to their neighborhood gun store since they will never come close to passing a background check.  From NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action:

Philip J. Cook, Susan T. Parker, and Harold A. Pollack conducted interviews with criminals being held in the Cook County Jail.  Their primary findings were that criminals get guns from their “social network,” i.e. friends and persons known to them, but generally not from the various legal sources available to them.

They do not buy guns in gun stores.  They do not get guns at gun shows. They do not buy them from Internet sources.  The study even found that criminals only rarely steal guns.

Cook and colleagues also found that criminals do not often buy guns on the used market, as they have a fear of buying a gun from a source they do not know.  Fear of police stings, or from being turned in by law-abiding gun owners leads them to obtain guns from sources they trust, most often, family, fellow gang members, and other criminals. They also found that criminals do not hold guns for a long period, fearing that a gun could be traced to a specific crime.

The findings were clear.  Criminals do not engage in activities that would make them subject to any sort of a “universal” background check requirement or any of the other common proposals put forth by the anti-gun crowd.

The majority of criminals are not that dumb, actually.  Without morals, but that isn’t the same thing as being stupid.  So, given such empirical evidence what do these academics conclude?

They concluded that since criminals do not hold guns long, “disrupting” the supply chain would have a positive effect on criminal gun use. That seems like a safe conclusion driven more by common sense than any evidence from an expensive academic study.  But how this “disruption” can be achieved is not spelled out or suggested.

Hence the appeal and flourishing of the black market.  Criminals are going to find their weapons somehow.  All disrupting the legal market is going to do is take weapons and tools of self defense out of the hands of law abiding people – just like Stalin, Mao and Hitler.

Another take from Jazz Shaw at HotAir.

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