Gun Control Can’t Work If No One Complies

gun rally washington state

Washington state citizens openly carry and transfer weapons in defiance of gun control law.

Washington State Police were just watching as citizens violated a very unpopular state gun-control law that nobody seems to understand.

Between 1,000 and 2,000 in a recent rally bucked the law by carrying weapons openly and transferred them as police arrested no one. In fact, law enforcement officials are privately highly critical of the law, which was passed with funds from liberal billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Michael Gates.

If “money talks,” but no listens, is there a conversation?

“The law is an 18-page quagmire of jumbled legalese and unenforceable garbage and the state Attorney General has thrown-up his hands in desperation and has now tasked local law enforcement to do their best in enforcing this law that confuses even legal authorities,” says Greg Campbell of the Tea Party News Network.

I-594 was approved by voters in November. The law prohibits private sales of firearms, except to immediate family, and involves government in the transaction, but at the same time the law expects those inheriting handguns to report to the state.

As with New York’s gun law that is being protested, sometimes ignored, and in litigation, the Washington legislation was passed in a rush. But everyone in authority there is passing the buck on what the law means and how it is to be enforced, and, of course, the buck stops at the police.

The law does nothing to prohibit criminals and jihadists from buying or exchanging guns but penalizes the law-abiding gun owner—because obviously the intent of such laws are to disarm the public.

Campbell points out the craziness of the situation:

“The state Attorney General’s office has released a statement, saying,

“’…Therefore, at this point we have no interpretations of the initiative to offer to the public beyond the text of the measure itself. Local law enforcement and local prosecutors typically enforce and prosecute firearms laws.’

“For those who do not speak baffled lawyer, allow me to translate:

“This law is an absolute mess and practically unenforceable; so, I now ask local law enforcement to, you know, just do the best you can and make up the law as you go along.”

The Vancouver Police Department has a statement on its webpage referring readers to the Department of Licensing. The Seattle Police Department has not weighed in on the law. The prosecutor and sheriff of Lewis County have said they will not enforce the law.