GOTCHA! Watch Clip Of Muslim Woman Caught Shoplifting; Guess Where She Shoved The Loot

muslim woman shoplift

Image from MadWorldNews

This happened in France, but still, that is a country with a certain expectations when it comes to how one should conduct business.  To put it mildly, the Frogs might be cheese eating surrender monkeys, but they are not going to look the other way when someone tries to steal from them.

So, earlier this week, when a muslim woman was walking around a store in France, and the shopkeepers were watching her pick up merchandise, and she checked out with a lot less of if than she fingered, the following ensued:

[iframe id=”″ mode=”normal”]

Please note:

  • All that loot was under the hijab, the muslim headscarf that every devout muslim woman wears.  It is a sign of fidelity to the faith.  So, to this woman it was okay to steal from a business and put what she took under what amounts to a sacramental.
  • The kafir, or non-muslim people running the store, did not cut her hand off.  (No word on if the people at her Mosque did.)  France may no longer claim to be Christian, but they still adhere to God’s law.  At least on this.
  • The outfit she was wearing had a lot of square yardage. There’s a good chance there’s more under there.  No word on if anyone checked.
  • The shop owner called a woman employee over to do the search and she knew right where to look.  Do these women do this often?  Seriously, that employee didn’t hesitate.

As MadWorldNews points out:

As The Religion of Peace explains:

Muslims may not steal from each other.  In fact, Muhammad had people’s hands cut off for that. But the same is not true of unbelievers.  Property rights for them exist only at the discretion of their Muslim rulers.

For this headscarved woman, this is completely acceptable behavior.  Yet another difference between Islam as a socio-political system and having a basis in Judeo-Christianity.  The two are not compatible.

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