Global Warming is a Cult & Obama and Bill Nye are High Priests!

via AMERICAN GODFATHER Dear Politicians and Cultural Liberals: We The People are SICK and tired of you cramming your global warming propaganda down our throats! We have had ENOUGH! Iran is on the move, enabled by this sick demented Obama administration. ISIS is growing unchallenged. Europe is in financial crisis! At home the takers are robbing the makers blind! We go to work to pay for you to pay for the poor! Our Military is getting completely eviscerated and put in a stranglehold with political correct BULLSHIT. Our National Debt is SKYROCKETING exponentially every minute we breathe! Small Business is backed into a corner with your minimum wage entitlement culture! The good cops can’t do their jobs without worrying about making it home at night because you are waging an all out WAR on them! Inflation is rising because you print the US Dollar like it’s monopoly money! The integrity of our U.S. Constitution is under DAILY attack from your chronic executive overreach and complete disregard! Christians are being slain by the thousands in Middle Eastern genocide! You use your IRS as a political weapon of mass destruction against good God fearing, law abiding citizens! You demonize firearm owners who BUILT this nation!

You hold NO regard or reverence for the beauty of what separates the philosophy of limited American government from the rest of the world. In fact! You DESPISE it. Society is encouraged and praised for loss of independence and reliance upon the government! American might and respect has been shit-canned in the global community. Russia is becoming emboldened! China is laying wait in the shadows! Israel is shrinking into the perils of a defenseless corner! Hell our children can’t even consume sufficient diets at their Fascist-Michelle-Obama Schools! And YOU…Obama, Bill Nye, Liberals, Progressives and Elitists, have the NERVE to lecture We The American People from your private jets with your caviar stuck up your ass on the DIRE importance of GLOBAL FREAKIN WARMING! Your global warming is a CULT! And you are both HIGH PRIESTS. You have no god before yourself besides yourselves so you worship at the alter of self-based secularism! And as with many cults, you yourselves do NOT believe your own lies. Do not practice what you preach! Do not CARE about what you propagandize the American people to “care” about. You are the deceivers the Bible has warned us of! You walk the path of Satan. You convert many followers. They sway with you on your every turn in the dark. Your global warming is BULLSHIT and we are NOT buying it!

How haughty are you to think you have control over the earth. To think the earth doesn’t have control over YOU! To think that if even somehow the United States were to be completely sterile to the environment, that it would even make a lick of difference in the global perspective! I’m calling you out! Your culture war of global warming is a decoy to regulate and tax the big companies for the big tax dollars. Oh, yes…convenient. The same big business you demonize…is also the same big business that through global warming, you must “regulate” and tax, to produce revenue, FOR YOURSELF! Coincidental isn’t it? It’s like the only key to open that door is to….convince a huge following that global warming is a danger and something must be done! Have a seat liberals. We are DONE with you! –American Godfather III%