All Give Some; Some Give All… Washington Takes Both!

imageAnyone who has ever served in the military can remember that first day of boot camp. Many of us asked the same question. “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” You become the property of The United States Of America. You sign a blank check knowing you might have to cash it with your life. You leave loved ones at home while protecting this country we all love. You take the oath to defend the constitution just like every lawmaker in Washington. You serve this country and work for the American tax payer, but now the taxpayer is working for the politician. Our military serve for love of country and many pay with their life. Some politicians serve for love of money and do nothing but lie.

Throughout history Americans have been called to defend our country and way of life. Like it or not this generation is being called upon to answer that same call. I hold no respect for a lawmaker that’s afraid of a traitor in a suit, when we have 18 year olds overseas dodging bullets. We hear the same lies every four years and wake up every day with the same problems. November has come and gone, but those broken promises are written. If lawmakers are afraid to do their job then they should trade places with that Marine out on patrol.

Most politicians ran for office saying sealing our border was number one on their list. Now many of them are kissing the ass of Obama as they sign their name to amnesty. Most Americans will lay down their life to protect this country. We need politicians who are more concerned about protecting this country, than they are about protecting their image. There isn’t anyone in this world perfect and we are turned off by those who think they are. We need leaders to lead this country not look down on it. They start looking out for our people and the people will look out for them. If they don’t start doing their jobs our days on earth are numbered…God bless America and all that each of you love… Semper Fi, Shep