Gitmo Closing! Obama To Release 116 Terrorist By Executive Action. Whose Side Is He On Anyway?



Obama has overreached his Presidential powers again.  His Executive actions have gone too far!  He will release 116 Guantanamo Bay prisoners who may join ISIS, or get an “out of jail free” pass and return home.  He’s been relentless on creating an Obama legacy of his term in office, no matter what the stakes may be for America’s safety.

The exchange of five Taliban prisoners for alleged deserter, Srgt. Bowe Berghdol is one of  many examples of notorious actions taken by this man that threatens our homeland. These five prisoners are fighting again with fellow terrorists.

The Iranian Nuclear Deal has left four American hostages in Iran’s prison and he handed them billions of dollars to get this deal through.  Now, the money is being funneled into the hands of ISIS via Iran’s’ banks.  Obama continues on with insane deals that benefit him but places Americans at an extremely high risk of being attacked by our enemies.

When Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about closing Gitmo, he said,

“The President has indicated a willingness to use as much of his executive authority as he can to try to take the steps that he believes are consistent with the national security interests of the United States and that’s closing the prison of Guantanamo Bay. He does not believe that the millions of dollars that are expended every year to keep that prison open is a good use of taxpayer resources. It’s not. In fact, it’s counterproductive,”

He goes on to say, ” In fact, we’ve seen members of Congress repeatedly go to great lengths to prevent the closure of the prison at Guantanamo Bay. That’s been the source of a lot of disappointment to the president but it hasn’t prevented him from continuing to push his team to try to go as far as we can to reduce the population there and ultimately get to a place where we can close that prison.”

More than 100 prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay went right back to being terrorists when they got out, according to a new report.

Out of 647 detainees who were released, 116 — or 18 percent — have been confirmed as “re-engaging” in terrorism.

Obama paid 500 million to train 5 Iraque soldiers, spends 10 million per vacation or more, and he thinks closing GITMO will save money?  Anyone who believes this is out of their mind because the cost to recapture these men will be a thousand times more.

Why do we the people have to put up with the self will run riot antics of Obama?  It’s evident the Democrats and Obama will be the downfall of our country. Obama has raised our debt more than all United States Presidents combined and bypassed Congress to get what he wants with his, ” pen and phone.”

These 116 killers will be free to meet our military troops on the battlefield once again because of Obama. Our military must be so frustrated with a Commander in Chief who once quoted,  “It’s my way or the highway.”  He is the most dangerous, lawless, unconstitutional man in history.