Free To Hate Our Flag? Also Free To Leave…

image                                             On this day of August 9, 2009 the original pic from this article has been changed. I am a United States Marine but would like to dedicate this article to the Navy Seals. Especially one of many who weren’t able to return home. Love is never lost but forever gained!

There are a very few in this country who are offended by our flag. They are free to hate our flag and also free to leave. I don’t care who gets offended by the things we love in this country. We need to start focusing on the needs of this country and stop catering to individuals. If our flag offends anyone well maybe it’s time for that individual to leave. We are all tired of individuals who think they have a right to change what has made this country great. Men and women have given their lives to make this country what it is today. Men and women who believed in this country and the right for a few to be offended by it. You won’t see Americans going into another country complaining about their flag. Try living somewhere and flying our flag over theirs!

A person has every right to be offended by my bible but no right to stop me from reading it. A right to be offended by prayer but no right to stop kids from praying. If they are offended by a cross then they don’t have to visit it. It doesn’t give anyone the right to stop us from building it. If they don’t believe in God then why do they spend time trying to prove he doesn’t exist? I am grateful we have the right and freedom to believe what we do. Everyone has a right to their beliefs but no right to keep me from mine. I don’t care if you are Christian, Atheist, Muslim, or Jew. Your beliefs don’t offend me, but others trying to take away those rights do. This is one Nation Under God where you have a right to believe in God or not. If anyone is offended by this country and it’s freedoms frankly we don’t care.

The constitution was not written to cater to individual needs. It was written so we could all live together with the right to pursue happiness. This country owes us nothing while we owe it all we have. We fly the American flag with pride. If that offends anyone well that’s just to bad. They can go cry that river somewhere else because this fish ain’t biting. The only change we need is to get rid of the few in Washington that think this is their country to change. God bless America and if that offends you I will pray for you… Semper Fi, Shep