FOUND HIM! Guess Which Billionaire Funded The Groups Involved In The Ferguson Disaster


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When it came to the chaos the world knows as Ferguson, anyone with a brain knew if the trees were shaken long enough some billionaire would fall out.   Well, The Washington Times shook the right tree and out popped George Soros.

It seems that Soros’ nonprofit machines have been dispensing cash to the groups that helped organize the natives in the latter part of 2014, launching #BlackLivesMatter and other slogans that are provocative and meaningless all at the same time.  (All lives matter, truth be told.)  In Ferguson, though, what we in St. Louis knew was happening, the outside world just refused to believe:

Buses of activists from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference in Chicago; from the Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York and Equal Justice USA from New York; from Sojourners, the Advancement Project and Center for Community Change in Washington; and networks from the Gamaliel Foundation — all funded in part by Mr. Soros — descended onFerguson starting in August and later organized protests and gatherings in the city until late last month.

Things in Ferguson have calmed down.  The national groups are gone and all that is left is the nutty state Senator Maria Nicole Chappell-Nadal and her minions who are so outnumbered it’s not even funny.

Just as we all suspected, after the initial forty-eight hours of anarchy in Ferguson after a white police officer shot and killed an 18-year old black man who was high on marijuana at the time, and charging him after grabbing for his gun, the people of one of the the above mentioned groups latched on to the peaceful discussions to use them for their own purposes.

“I went to Ferguson in a quest to be in solidarity and stand with the young organizers and affirm their leadership,” said Kassandra Frederique, policy manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, which was founded by Mr. Soros, and which receives $4 million annually from his foundation. She traveled to Ferguson in October.

“We recognized this movement is similar to the work we’re doing at DPA,” said Ms. Frederique. “The war on drugs has always been to operationalize, institutionalize and criminalize people of color. Protecting personal sovereignty is a cornerstone of the work we do and what this movement is all about.”

Doing drugs doesn’t respect personal sovereignty.  Although, that may well be a religious argument.  At any rate, the George Soros funded groups found common ground and decided to use the opportunity to not just advance their own causes, but do a little dirty PR at the same time.

Ms. Frederique works with Opal Tometi, co-creator of #BlackLivesMatter — a hashtag that was developed after the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida — and helped promote it on DPA’s news feeds. Ms. Tometi runs the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, a group to which Mr. Soros gave $100,000 in 2011, according to the most recent of his foundation’s tax filings.

“I think #BlackLivesMatter’s success is because of organizing. This was created after Trayvon Martin, and there has been sustained organizing and conversations about police violence since then,” said Ms. Frederique. “Its explosion into the mainstream recently is because it connects all the dots at a time when everyone was lost for words. ‘Black Lives Matter’ is liberating, unapologetic and leaves no room for confusion.”

So it’s the George Soros funded groups that are linking two unrelated cases together and celebrating the culture of being a thug.  The people who work directly for, Open Society Foundation, and the other groups actually writing the checks are quick to point out that they do not have direct involvement in the decision making that Drug Policy Alliance and the other street level nonprofits conduct.  However, if the Soros run shops did not approve of the smaller groups’ activities, they would not be writing six and seven figure bank notes to keep the doors open.

George Soros has worked for years to destroy the United States by hook or by crook.  His foundations sponsoring people who foment the street disturbances should be no great shock.  What is most fascinating is that the only news outlet following the money rather than the narrative is The Washington Times.  Their expose on the entire community organizing movement, now decades old, is worth the read.

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