Former White House Aide Urges United Airlines To Remove Newsmax TV As Their Default Channel On Planes


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It all started when Bill Burton, former senior White House aide to Barack Obama boarded a United Airlines flight and saw that the Newsmax TV was playing.  (It seems that there are a number of venues using Newsmax TV as white noise for their customers.) He tweeted:

Hey there, @united. Why on earth is newsmax tv the default channel running on all of your screens when boarding your planes.

United came back with:

@billburton In the coming months we will be removing that as our default channel.

THAT didn’t go over well in some quarters:

Burton’s and United’s tweets have now gone viral, and some United customers are not happy about the airline’s quick cave-in to P.C. browbeating.

One person tweeted back: “Why would you remove it? Because some liberal whined?”

Then there were these:

@united @billburton please don’t replace it with that moronic MSNBC

@united what a pathetic bunch of surrender monkeys you are. Your airline sucks @billburton

These tweets were picked up, retweeted, and have gone viral.  It is the power of modern communications and free speech in its purest and most primal form.  Anyone can say what he or she is thinking, and in return, that person can be blasted into the blogosphere with all but anonymous comebacks.

It remains to be seen if United has learned their lesson and which side of the argument wins the day, but in the meantime, there are people out there who are willing to ask for Newsmax, and FoxNews rather than MSNBC.  There’s some hope in that.

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