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FLIPSIDE: Who Do Republicans Trust? Reuters-Ipsos Poll Says It Ain’t Any Regular Politician


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If the word “flipside” is foreign to the reader, consult with an adult over the age of 40.

Another day, another poll of Republicans with the “experts” trying to read the tea leaves of the national mood and come up with who is on top of the Republican presidential candidate field of way too many.

Today’s offering is from Reuters/Ipsos and the usual suspects top the list.  However, this poll talked about issues and trust, not just who is supported, and THAT puts a different spin on the usual suspects.

Overall support:

  • 31% Donald Trump
  • 18% Ben Carson
  • 10% Marco Rubio
  • 10% Jeb Bush (huh?)

Trust to Manage the Economy:

  • 59% Donald Trump
  • 36% Ben Carson
  • 27% Marco Rubio
  • 25% Carly Fiorina (She ran Hewlett-Packard into the ground.  Do people not know this?)

Trust to Deal With Foreign Leaders:

  • 41% Donald Trump
  • 39% Ben Carson
  • 31% Marco Rubio

Trust to Handle Nuclear Weapons:

  • 39% Ben Carson
  • 34% Donald Trump
  • 27% Marco Rubio

The poll itself was conducted via online survey from October 28-November 2 and has swing spread of +/- 4.4%.  Given that the totals for some of the questions exceed 100%, the methodology was probably something along the lines of “pick your top two.”  BUT, it is interesting that this poll puts the exact same people at the top of every question asked, as well as saying that the trinity, Trump, Carson and Rubio, did well in the disastrous CNBC debate on October 28.

To be honest, when it comes to handling nuclear weapons, any of the Republican candidates can most likely be trusted to handle them (and not fire any).  These guys can also be trusted to keep their mouths shut about how many there are and where they are, too.  Donald Trump may not be a military man by definition, but since he won’t give up his choice for a running mate, you can bet the man knows how to keep a secret.

As for dealing with foreign leaders and the economy…Marco Rubio, yes, knows a lot about foreign policy, but really when it comes to experience in getting things done, in this field there is no comparison and the people know it.  Trump has done it and has what it takes.  He knows what laws work, what laws are impeding growth, and how to sell his concept of what is wrong with the system we have.  Some of us may disagree with how he goes about accomplishing what he does, but no one can deny his success and learning from failure.

So, there we have it.  Just as he has been telling us for three months, Donald Trump is on top of the polls.  Same stuff, different day.

This is in no way an endorsement of Donald Trump.  The man is brash, he swaggers, he touts his record, he has no trouble nailing his opponents to the wall…he’s an All-American, actually.  This writer will say that the jury is still out, but there are some things about Trump that are very impressive.  He’s VERY smart.  He’s accustomed to a STEEP learning curve and will do what it takes to inform himself on the issues, and he is proving that.  He’s also willing to change his opinion based on new information.  At the same time, the man is fluent on economics in a way the others just aren’t.  Plus, he is a committed patriot, and does have a good heart even if he keeps that quiet.  All of this is worth considering.

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