Feminist Claim: I Aborted My Baby Because It Was a BOY!

Socialist blogging page “InjusticeStories.com” hosted a blog entitled


BBC Reports:

“A writer who remains anonymous but calls herself “Lana” explains how she decided to terminate her pregnancy in the second trimester after discovering she was having a boy. She describes herself as a feminist and says she “couldn’t bring another monster” – a man – “into the world.”

 The heavily liberal leaning “fact checking” page (of a random married Canadian Couple) determines the story to be: Probably False.


However, the basis for this is simply upon lack of evidence of proof and minor inconsistencies. BBC reportedly managed to engage “Lana” in a Skype Interview; however after the first question the connection was lost and never regained. Which begs the question; if this was done for attention and not honesty. Why would someone shy away from attention if it was for attention? Is it possible that a woman who made an anonymous public claim of abortion may have had a regret or remorse and not wanted to publicize her real identity? Certainly this story could go either way as a hoax or real. However, the predictable Liberal MSM is doing their best to spin the shocking story as one of only a hoax leaving no room for possible reality. Why? Because the Left ultimately would support such a decision as a “woman’s choice” over the Right to Life of a child. They just don’t want to have to be forced to admit it if it ends up creating a media shit storm that negatively portrays their demonic baby killing agenda. No matter what the reason is, abortion is already claiming unremarkable numbers annually in the U.S. of innocent lives at the cost of convenience to the mother. Granted, there are cases of rape and incest and other scenarios where there sometimes is room for political debate. And liberals love to use these arguments as a defense. However, it’s pretty common sense that given the widespread commonality of abortion in the United States, that these are very rare examples that hardly have much of anything to do with the typical reason for aborting future American lives. In the end, the godless society will always value the self. And a theist in theory, values selflessness, as there exists a separate entity for worship outside of one’s self. Life starts biologically at conception. You know. This is science. The thing Liberals pride themselves in. However, when it comes to little things like the value of life, the baby fetus is basically a tomato seed in your belly until it pops out or maybe sometime in late third trimester that all of a sudden becomes a real life baby. Nobody tell liberals that fetal heart tones are detectable as early as 3 weeks. (Usually well before the time it takes for a woman to realize she is actually pregnant and able to detect the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hCG hormone in her body).  Literally, all abortion is stopping a beating heart. Think about that shit. Liberals won’t call that life. –AMERICAN GODFATHER

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Sad Selfish Nation WE Live IN!