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Fed’s Money Sink Hole EPA Gives More Cash To Company That Caused Mine Water Spill


We conservatives all know that the Environmental Protection Agency is less about protecting the environment than it is spending the American taxpayers’ cash inefficiently, but the latest news on the national money pit is about to hack off the people even more:

Environmental Protection Agency officials awarded nearly $2.7 million in contract enhancements to Environmental Restoration LLC after the firm was involved in the Colorado Gold King Mine disaster that dumped three million gallons of yellow wastewater into a drinking water source for people in three states and the Navajo Nation.

The wastewater poured into the Animas River, a Colorado River tributary that supplies water to people in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. The company also got a contract enhancement worth nearly $1 million from EPA on Aug. 4, 2015, the day before the spill, according to documents compiled by the Project on Government Oversight, a non-profit government watchdog group.

How’s that for “nice work if you can get it.”  Send millions of gallons of lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury laced water down a river that contributes to the water supplies of towns, cities and Indian reservations for hundreds of miles downstream, and get a bonus.

As egregious as that is, it’s not the worst of it.  Oh no.  Open the Books, a government watchdog non-profit that keeps an eye on how our money is spent, published a 44 page report on the EPA in October outlining expenses the agency incurred all while “protecting the environment.”  Among the “macro” findings:

  • The agency has a FY2015 budget of $8.13 billion which, if it were a state, would rank it 42nd.
  • The EPA gave twenty times amount in grant money that the Gates Foundation did since 2000.
  • Over 1,000 lawyers are employed by the EPA.  In the private sector, that would make it the 14th largest law firm if the lawyers weren’t on the government teat.
  • The EPA’s “special agents” or police officers number over 200.  They soak up cash for guns, ammunition, body armor, camouflage and deceptive equipment,
    “unmanned aircraft, amphibious assault ships, radar, night vision, etc.
  • Lots and lots of bonuses with the average salary being $111,165 for an agency with over 15,000 employees.
  • Over $121.9 billion has been spent since 2000 on environmental cleanup, and contracts for additional environmental related “services.”  (And we still have a nuclear waste dump in North St. Louis County from the Manhattan Project.)
  • Five of the six highest EPA budget years happened under Barack Obama’s presidency after decades of steady growth under presidents both Democrat and Republican.

That’s a lot of cash going to an agency that contracted out a job that ended in a gigantic “oopsie” of rivers contaminated with the very water the agency was supposed to contain.  And really, that’s just the beginning.  These are the henchmen that bankrupted coal and keep expanding the distance under federal control along the rivers to the point that they are confiscating grazing land of ranchers in the west.  This is also the government agency that freely spent over $92 million dollars on new office furniture.

Yes, it is time to abolish the EPA and find a way to clean up what does need to be cleaned up much more efficiently and cheaply.  With a deficit in the trillions, this agency is more than a money pit.  It is a sink hole.

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