[Facepalm] Watch Americans Choose Between Chocolate And Silver Bullion

Dice silver

In the grand old dumbed down culture of the United States of America, Mark Dice has been wandering San Diego interviewing people on the street to get their opinions on whether or not the American flag is racist and what they remember about the Fourth of July.

Seriously, one watches these videos and wonders why we Americans ever changed the original voting requirements.

In this week’s offering, Mr. Dice is standing on a street corner offering people who walk by a choice: an ice cold Hershey’s milk chocolate bar or a 10 oz. bar of silver bullion, valued today at around $175 depending on spot prices.  Take a guess which all the people chose and watch to have worst fears realized.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/bYhTFz_SGw0″ mode=”normal”]

Interestingly, one of the conservative blogosphere’s usually most realistic voices thinks there’s something else afoot:

This clip is interesting (assuming the interactions are genuine, which I think they are) but not for the reason intended. You’re supposed to conclude, I guess, that Americans are abject morons in assessing the value of precious metals and/or that Americans are big fat fatties in preferring a quick hit of chocolate to something inedible that’s worth much more. I don’t think it proves either. Many people are morons, no doubt, when it comes to gauging the value of gold or silver, but even a dummy would guess that a bar of silver is worth more than the two dollars it costs to buy the Hershey bar — probably substantially more, which makes it hard to believe they’d prefer the snack even if they were hungry. The behavior you’re seeing is probably more an artifact of them being offered a too-good-to-be-true deal with a camera stuck in their face. If that were me, I might take the Hershey bar too: Obviously there’s a catch if you choose the silver — either it’s fake or the guy won’t really let you walk away with it — so why not just take the chocolate and get out of there? What you’re seeing here is a byproduct of suspicion, not stupidity.

Uh, Allahpundit, really, it’s even money that these people even know what bullion is in relation to precious metals.  If they did, who the heck would take candy from a perfect stranger rather than free money of the sort that one collects in order to hedge against economic downturns.  However, as usual, the dumbing down of America is on full display.  Quick fix of sugar, caffeine and a marijuana type drug, or free money.  Americans go for the sugar rush.  (Not that this writer actually believes that Mr. Dice would have given away 10 oz. of bullion.  Doesn’t matter the metal.)

As for what to do with silver bullion…put it in the safety deposit box.

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