Hours after a Thug Kills a Texas Deputy, THIS is what Black Lives Matter Animals were Chanting!

Darren Goforth

Darren Goforth


The new domestic terrorist group ” Black Lives Matter” is spewing their anti-cop hate again in the classiest way they know how. Just a few hours after 47 year-old Harris County, Tex. sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth was ambushed and executed at a gas station, the hate group took the streets to protest/celebrate.

If that wasn’t disgraceful enough, the protesters began chanting violent anti-cop rhetoric such as “PIGS IN A BLANKET, FRY EM LIKE BACON”. 

All of these black lives matter animals should be charged with soliciting murder. THEY are the reason good police officers are being killed. They have created such a hostile atmosphere that the men and women who protect us are afraid to do their jobs. All because a few THUGS were shot and killed? Give me a break!

I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for criminals who try to attack and kill the heroes who protect my loved ones and me. We all know that participants in this “movement”  don’t actually care about black lives. If they did, they would be out protesting the black gang members who are killing black people in record numbers. These fools only care about making excuses and placing blame so they don’t have to face the truth, they are failures.

It’s easier to blame “racism” than to admit that THEY are the ones who made poor choices in life. THEY are the ones who resist arrest and have no respect for authority. THEY are the ones breaking the law and committing crimes in record numbers.

Americans need to come together and say ENOUGH! Black people need to call this hate group out on their lies, and white people need to do the same when they spew divisive filth. This group is far more dangerous than the average hate group. Their followers are impressionable, angry, and of VERY low intelligence. They are responsible for riots, fires and MULTIPLE murders.  If we don’t put an end to it now, more innocent lives will be lost. That is inevitable.