Ethical Hackers, Anonymous Land Multiple Blows To ISIS Cyber Efforts


The enemy of your enemy is your friend.  Hopefully.

After a widely publicized declaration of war against ISIS, the group responsible for multiple simultaneous terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday evening, the hacker collective group Anonymous is claiming to have gotten its group to identify over 5,500 ISIS related Twitter accounts:

The collective called on all those who want to join the operation to report any ISIS material to the official #OpParis Twitter account.

According to the same account, more than 5500 Twitter accounts associated with the terrorists have already been taken over by Anonymous. Some of them have also been leaked online.

Anonymous, though, is not the only hacker group on the trail of ISIS.

NewsBTC reports that a group of ethical hackers that goes by the name Ghost Security Group have been searching for Bitcoin addresses used by ISIS to gather and transfer funds for their operations, and found several. They have also identified several Bitcoin funding websites used by ISIS on the darkweb, and shut them down.

According to one of them, they “are currently in the process of collecting valuable evidence for United States government officials.”

Well, isn’t that lovely.  When the U.S. government can’t do it, just adopt the outlaws and hackers’ information.

What is interesting, though, is not so much that the outlaws are handing over any information that they find – and that the group Anonymous would actually trust the American government – but the tidbit about Bitcoin being used to launder ISIS funds, and collect donations.  Since Bitcoin was billed as the currency of the future and its adoption was severely resisted among the general population, sorting through transactions should be fairly easy.  So should shutting down the entire system, if it comes to that.  (Bye bye funding avenue.) has a fascinating interview with a member of Ghost Security Group and how they’ve managed to track ISIS funding avenues via the deep, dark web.  It is definitely worth at least a perusal.  Defeating ISIS is going to have to be a group effort, and these people want no recognition, but are willing to do their part.

The one thing that is bothersome about Anonymous helping out the intelligence forces in the USA and the rest of the world is not so much the speed at which they were able to accomplish identifying so many accounts, or that these hackers operate much more effectively outside the law, but that taking over the communications system just assures that ISIS and their sympathizers will find another way to share information.  The PlayStation 4 idea that took hold in this story is viable.  There is a communication component.  But, still, until intelligence forces find the new system, whatever it is, monitoring chatter is inhibited.  That would be a definite disadvantage.

However, the vital aspect to the outlaw cyber effort to root out ISIS, their Bitcoin accounts, and Twitter communications falls under the heading of “resistance.”  It has begun.  So long as these people are on the side of good, any help is greatly appreciated.

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