Unarmed White Teen Shot by police, Reports say Cop “High-Fived” Dead body, Where are the Riots?



You probably have never heard of this story because the young unarmed teen killed happens to be white, and there is no money to be made off his name by race baiters. Nonetheless, his life matters too.

Zachary Hammond, 19, was shot twice inside his car in a Hardee’s parking lot in Seneca South Carolina by Lieutenant Mark Tiller July 27th. The accounts of what actually happened are all over the place. Attorneys for Hammond’s family say an autopsy shows that he was shot in the back, but the officer said he shot Hammond in self defense because Hammond was driving toward him during an undercover drug deal.

So why don’t we just look at the dash cam footage? Well, the police refuse to release it, that’s why. One of the reasons could the accusations being made by Hammond’s  family’s lawyers. In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey, they claimed Seneca police officers desecrated Hammond’s body by lifting his dead hand and slapping it with a high-five gesture.

The letter also calls for a civil right investigation of the shooting. Live5news obtained a copy of the letter which reads:

“the officer who opened Zachary’s door and pulled his dead body from the vehicle then went ‘to the trunk of his police car and pulled (SIC) something out.  The officer walked back over to the man on the ground rolled him over to his side, put something underneath his body, and then rolled him back.’”  

The letter goes on to state, “…a police officer with a neighboring police force has confirmed to SLED that the Seneca Police Department celebrated the killing of Zachary by desecrating his corpse. After Zachary had been shot and killed, member(s) of the Seneca Police Department lifted his dead hand and ‘high fived’ Zachary Hammond.” 

His parents, Angie and Paul Hammond, have pleaded for the release of police videos so they can see how their son died.

We just want answers,” pleaded Angie Harmon. “We have no clue what happened other than what we found out ourselves.”

Paul Hammond said they need to know why he was killed.

“Our son deserves that, and we deserve that,” he told reporters

So where are the protests? Why isn’t this on every channel? If Zachary Hammond was an unarmed BLACK teen, there would be riots and CNN would have this story on a loop. Especially because of all the conflicting accounts of what actually happened. A few people just HEARD that Michael Brown put his hands up and that was enough to start a movement! Police kill three times as many white people than black people, but we don’t riot because we understand that police have a tough job to do. We want bad cops out of the force just as much as these black lives matter fools, but we aren’t going to burn down our neighborhoods and hurt innocent people like thugs to get our way! It’s called being an informed civilized society, something the “black lives matter” movement just can’t seem to grasp.




Photo credit/NY daily news

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