‘Draw Muhammad’ Organizer’s NEW Global MOSQUE PROTEST!

Video Source Via John Ritzheimer

Arizona activist, John Ritzheimer, has made national fame for his “Draw Muhammad” Contest. Last May he has gone public with the multiple threats on his life. BlackChristianNews.com reports:

Following the May 29 “Draw Muhammad” contest in Phoenix, event organizer and former Marine Jon Ritzheimer said he and his family will go into hiding because his family is under threat and Islamists are “calling for a ‘lone wolf’ to come and behead [him].”

Breitbart News spoke with Ritzheimer moments before the “Draw Muhammad” contest began Friday night, and he had already gotten his family safely out of the state at that point.

When confronted by a Mediate reporter for being confrontational, John replied:

“This is still peaceful as far as I can tell.” He said his rally consisted of patriots getting “stuff off their chests.”

Despite the grave threat from radical Islamic terrorists, John has chosen to come out and take a stand, jeopardizing not only his life but his families. Patriots are angry and making their intent known that radical Islam is no longer acceptable in our nation, in our states, and in our communities. Ritzheimer has been accused of being an “attention whore“. Which begs the question, is Ritzheimer seeking fame and attention, or is he an advocate and voice for those who want to defend our nation from an a potentially hostile, foreign cultural invasion left protected by a political class who does not have to face these threats in their gated D.C. homes? Is he a voice for the Patriot Movement? Or is he too radical? You decide! Let us know your opinion! –American Godfather


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