Dr. Alveda King On Baltimore Riots: “My Uncle Would Have Been Heartbroken”


As we all watch in horror, Baltimore has become the epicenter in the racial aspect of the American culture war.  #HandsUpDon’tShoot and the precursor in Ferguson, Missouri last year set the table for an incident in a city with a lot more ready access to gang members and millions of potential reinforcements.

Seriously, Washington and Philadelphia are an hour away, and they have a lot more people.  St. Louis is only three million large and Chicago is five hours by car. (And then there’s the idiot Baltimore has for a mayor.)

All along in this journey of protesting police tactics, peaceful demonstrations have been overshadowed by the violence that solves nothing and reinforces stereotypes. This is completely contrary to the message that actually won the civil rights campaigns of the 1960s.  There was much to disagree with in what the leaders of that movement had to say, but they had the right to say it and did so without destruction.  Their legacy is being betrayed.

The voice that lead in those days was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s.  Almost fifty years after his death, his heir in preaching peaceful nonviolence as a form of protest is his niece Alveda.  She has been making the rounds on the talk shows and says flat out, the violence is going to get the rioters nowhere.

“As I watched the protest, I’m reminded of several years ago… I was part of the first children’s march in Birmingham, Alabama,” King told Breitbart News. She added that those protests were peaceful and supervised.

“These children are not supervised—they are angry,” she said.

Thankfully, one mother in Baltimore gave the others an example of how to go about disciplining a rioter.  The video has gone viral.  The Baltimore police chief even said he wished there were more parents like that.

In this round of the race war, Dr. King preaches the same message as her famous uncle, but in addition she joins the rest of sane America wondering how the mayor of Baltimore can possibly “make room” for destruction (yes, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake you said it).  She also says that not stopping children raiding CVS stores is not giving them compassion whether they have jobs or not, as has been mentioned in interviews with CNN and other news outlets.  The predicament of unsupervised youth, lack of affordable housing, and lack of schooling isn’t going to be solved by burning down the city

That is the message that Dr. Alveda King preaches and that is why she says that her uncle would be heartbroken to see the destruction.  How Freddie Gray’s spine was severed in Baltimore police custody is a question that definitely needs to be answered, but while we wait for the complete investigation, there is no reason to riot.

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