Muslims Say this town Will Praise Allah or No one! Muslims get Christian Prayer Banned!



In our efforts to be “inclusive” we are destroying the foundation that made this country great. Christians overseas are being murdered for their faith, while Christians in America are being demonized. God is being phased out and that is becoming more apparent every day.

In North Carolina the Lincoln county commissioners board always opened the government meeting with a Christian prayer. That is the way it has been for years, until a Muslim felt that the meeting should be opened with a Muslim prayer instead. To avoid controversy and legal trouble, the officials gave in.

Dustin Barto is the Muslim who led the prayer. He read the first chapter of the Quran and talked about the historical significance of the moment.

“From the comments I got from (the other commissioners), saying that they were impressed with the all-embracing statements that were made in my invocation, that the recitation from the Quran was something that everyone could relate to, (that’s a win),” Barto said.

Commission chairman Carrol Mitchem however was livid. He said that he refuses to “bow to minorities” and he would NOT pray to Allah. The chairman said “The U.S. and the Constitution were founded on Christianity. This is what the majority of people believe in, and it’s what I’m standing up for.”

He stood true to his beliefs and walked out of the meeting during the Muslim prayer. This of course caused an uproar. Dustin Barto responded by saying,”That was very upsetting. It was upsetting,”

This all started when a Federal Judge ordered a nearby county to stop leading the meetings with a Christian prayer. Mitchem didn’t hold his feelings back at that time either saying,

“I don’t need no Arab or Muslim or whoever telling me what to do or us here in the county what to do about praying. If they don’t like it, stay the hell away! We’re fighting Muslims every day. I’m not saying they’re all bad. They believe in a different God than I do. If that’s what they want to do, that’s fine. But, they don’t need to be telling us, as Christians, what we need to be doing. They don’t need to be rubbing our faces in it.”

After a liberal outcry, Mitchem was forced to apologize and Lincoln county shut down prayer for everyone. Barto said canceling the Christian prayer was a “victory” for non-Christians in Lincoln County.

It’s now being suggested that the meetings start with a moment of silence.


Source/ Raw