[Disturbing Video] Lies And Secrets Of Benghazi… America Will Never Forget!

imageOn September 11th of 2012 our embassy was attacked by Islamic terrorist and four Americans their lives. This scandal will never go away until the liars involved come clean with the truth. We were told a video was the reason we lost four Americans, which we know is a lie. We lost four Americans because of the incompetence of Hillary Clinton not doing her job. Ambassador Stevens might still be here today if he had gotten the protection from those he trusted in DC.

Even if the video had caused the attack personnel were ignored with justified request. Our embassy was vulnerable and liars justified this tragedy because of a video. I don’t care what offends individuals or groups there is no justification for taking innocent lives. If Hillary or Obama had admitted to their mistakes the American people would have forgiven and the scandal would have gone away. When they lie to the world they insult our intelligence and the families of dead Americans. We all know people make mistakes but have no tolerance for those who lie.  God bless America and all that each of you love… Semper Fi, Shep

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF2fcRX34fI&w=853&h=480]