Dissecting Hillary Clinton’s Email-gate: Hackers, Reporters, Watch Dogs All On Her Trail


As Hillary Clinton’s email-gate unfolds, all kinds of information is starting to surface that either was known before the past week and not published, or were some of the details that were dismissed as the vast right wing conspiracy making things up.  Among them:

  • Byron York of the Washington Examiner appeared with Bill Hemmer on Fox News and claimed that the media had heard about a private email used by Clinton for official State Department business, but until this week, that had not really been confirmed.  (Video can be viewed here.)
  • Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch published quite a bit in the last few days on the Freedom of Information Act requests filed regarding Benghazi and obtaining Hillary Clinton’s emails and the blockades that JW encountered.  They have, of course, filed yet ANOTHER FOIA request for the very same emails that Trey Gowdy and the Select Committee on Benghazi subpoenaed this week.
  • A “white hat” hacker, a very experienced member of that community (including extensive intelligence work), used a regular hacking program and uncovered NINE ADDITIONAL private emails from the same domain similar enough to the one targeted as the email Hillary used pretty exclusively as Secretary of State that one has to wonder just how much time she spent cleaning out inboxes.  The hacker also said that the [email protected] one had been (the one with all the state secrets).

According to the same Fox News piece that reported this information, the Select Committee on Benghazi has had at least some of the information for a while:

However, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the House select committee investigating the Benghazi terrorist attacks, has issued a statement saying the panel “is in possession of records with two separate and distinct email addresses used by former Secretary Clinton and dated during the time she was secretary of state.”

Across the board, anyone who has watched the Clintons operate on a national scale for the last few decades recognizes the pattern: hide the records, gloss over that they exist, and then blame the other side for being secretive.

Well, Hillary, you’ve been exposed.  It has been fun watching the leftist mainstream media eat you alive over this one.  By the way, having all your minions not talk to the media just makes everyone more suspicious.

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