Disney Kicks Family off Cruise Ship

disney December 30th started off as a wonderful family vacation on the Disney cruise for Dave Berg’s family. The vacation was to honor his dying mother-in-law’s bucket list. Berg and 30 other family members boarded the cruise in Miami, Florida for a 5 night cruise. Among the family members was Berg’s 4-month-old granddaughter.

As of January 1st Disney changed their cruise policy so that children under 6 months were no longer allowed on the cruises. The family was assured that the policy would not affect them because they bought their tickets and boarded before January 1st.

Everything was going great. Until two days after they boarded, when the baby started spitting up. The baby’s mother, Jennifer Moak took her to see the ship’s doctor. The baby was given medicine for seasickness.

A few hours later the ship’s doctor requested to see the baby again for a checkup. But that wasn’t why they were really called. When they went to see the doctor, they were told they had to be taken off the ship.

“He said because of her age, she wasn’t supposed to be on the ship and that they would be — I think the word that he used was ‘terminating’ our stay on the ship,” Moak told the Naples News.

The family disembarked in Nassau in the Bahamas willingly. Everything went downhill from there. The family claims that the accommodations Disney provided were less than satisfactory and the family had to negotiate to get Disney to finally pay for hotel accommodations and flights home.

“I know that they thought that it was safer for her to be off the ship, and it could have been, if the situation was dealt with in the right way,” Moak said. “Her safety is my No. 1 priority, and they were saying her safety was their No. 1 priority, so we should have all been on the same page.”

The family had to pay a foreign hospital $1200.00 charges because Disney refused to treat the baby. Eventually it was found that the baby only had gas.

The accommodations provided included a “fleabag motel.”

“No one would care if they took us off the ship and we were in complete safety in comparable accommodations and brought home,” he said. “They were deceitful about it. No one can believe that Disney would send a 4-month-old baby off into the dark in a foreign country that they say in their brochures is dangerous.”

On top of all that, the Moak family found out at a daily rate of $1000.00, they were charged for 3 days they were not on the cruise.

“I’m happy that nothing happened that’s going to permanently affect my family, but unhappy that Disney feels that they owe us nothing,” Moak said. “I will never be able to have the experience that I should have had with my family. My grandma and grandpa are both very ill and this was our only trip together, and that makes me very sad.”

Disney said that they could not specifically comment due to medical privacy.