DISGRACEFUL! Liberals Create Map of “Offensive” American Landmarks To Attack Next

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Liberals across the country are banning together on social media to share geographic locations of what they find to be”offensive” landmarks.

An article on the website “fusion” is asking for people around the country to fill out forms and report where there is an image that could be considered racially offensive.

The article reads:

“Once the flag is down, maybe the state can take a look at the University of South Carolina—specifically, the Wade Hampton residence hall. The building is named after a former Civil War general, governor, and senator, whose Red Shirts supporters terrorized black South Carolinians to keep them from voting.

Also check out the multiple South Carolina high schools, cities, and roads named in his honor.

The Civil War ended 150 years ago, but physical signs of its presence are seen all over the South: monuments, courthouses, schools, cities, counties. They can even be found in places you wouldn’t expect, as far afield asRidgefield, Washington, or Helena, Montana.

We pulled together all the mentions we could find of monuments to the Confederacy and its leaders off Wikipedia and created the map below. The highlighted regions are the former Confederate States of America.

If you know of any public locations marking the Confederate legacy that are not listed on this map, please fill out this form or leave a comment with the information. We’ll update this document with verified additions as we receive them.”

When will liberals understand that it’s the history of this nation that makes us who we are and shows us how far we’ve come. Appreciating the sacrifice of the men who died fighting for this country is not the same as agreeing with mentalities of the civil war era. America is the greatest nation in the world because of our ability to overcome tribulation. The truth of the matter is, if we wipe out all traces of our past it will inevitably hurt our future. And with the direction this country is headed, we really can’t afford anymore damage.

If you would like, you can go to the article and tell them how ridiculous this is in the comment section below. Click HERE


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