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Details On How UN Plans To Use Climate Change To Grab American Wealth


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The Obama Regime has been a dismal foreign policy failure.  That being the case, the White House and the Obama-ites are desperate to make CLIMATE CHANGE or global warming or whatever the catch phrase is this week a national security issue.  Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Advisor Susan Rice have been touting the myth of man-made global warming and climate change as our number one security threat for months.

This is partially why the newly released United Nations climate treaty – let’s face it, it’s a power and money grab – is causing intense alarm among the people who have read the 34 page document which was hammered out in Bonn, Germany in September.  World Net Daily has the worst of it:

According to the proposed draft text of the climate treaty, the tribunal would take up issues such as “climate justice,” “climate finance,” “technology transfers,” and “climate debt.”

Buried on page 19 of the 34-page document is the critical text – still heavily bracketed with text that hasn’t been completely resolved and agreed upon – reads:

[An International Tribunal of Climate Justice as][A] [compliance mechanism] is hereby established to address cases of non-compliance of the commitments of developed country Parties on mitigation, adaptation, [provision of] finance, technology development and transfer [and][,] capacity-building[,] and transparency of action and support, including through the development of an indicative list of consequences, taking into account the cause, type, degree and frequency of non-compliance.

Tribunal, court, or inquisition – terminology doesn’t matter.  The nations who are pushing this text, Bolivia, South Africa, China and India according to reports, want the ability to haul developed nations before the judging body and wrangle fines, and, as this writer reads it, industry specific intellectual property information from us.  As the article indicates, the “mechanism for compliance” has yet to be agreed upon, but the reality is that with the entire idea on the table, it spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the United States and any other nation that uses more energy than smaller countries consider to be their fair share.

From The New American:

One of the organizations that has been in the forefront of blowing the whistle on this UN deception is the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), which, among other things, publishes Marc Morano’s always-informative Climate Depot website.

In an October 23 posting, CFACT’s Craig Rucker reported: “Over 130 developing nations led by South Africa and instigated by China and India are insisting that they will not sign a climate agreement in Paris unless it contains massive redistribution of wealth from developed to poor nations. Now they want the power to haul the U.S. and its allies before a UN Star Chamber to enforce compliance.”

“If the climate tribunal becomes the focus of public scrutiny, watch for the negotiators to pull a switch behind closed doors and try and accomplish the same thing by re-branding it an enforcement ‘mechanism,’” Rucker wrote. “Whatever they call it, countries who sign onto this agreement will be voting to expand the reach of the UN climate bureaucracy, cede national sovereignty, and create a one-way street along which billions will be redistributed from developed to poor nations,” notes Rucker. “Developed nations would be expected to slash their emissions while the ‘poor’ countries expand theirs. China, which holds a trillion dollars in U.S. debt, would be counted among the poor. China and India are delighted. They would like nothing better than a world where the West cedes the competitive advantages their free-market economies created. They hope for a future where Asia does the manufacturing and the United States and Europe do the importing — until their wealth runs out, anyway.”

Sooner or later, socialists and marxists run out of other people’s money.  Thank you, Margaret Thatcher.

The proposed and working text of the treaty that is not one (part of the point of the upcoming Paris Conference on Climate is to by-pass Congress) was released on October 20.  As per usual with the institutionalization of inter-government level marxism, the media, mainstream and otherwise, were silent.  Can’t have the people of the USA and other such developed countries understanding that the instrument du jour globalists and jealous petty tyrants will be using to get at our wealth is “climate change” and some international court or tribunal that will have no compunction about fining us for using our own resources.

Of course, all this comes in the midst of a HUGE split in the academic climate change community and trading of barbs where one group wants to charge global warming deniers with racketeering crimes, and the denier-skeptic crowd is telling the proponents to look in a mirror.  In addition, the actual data that belies one of the core premises of the treaty itself, has been suppressed by the American government agency that amassed it.  And last week, the people who insist anthropologic global warming is happening, told the congressional committee overseeing their work to go pound sand when they requested to see internal communications on how they came to use the data sets that confirm that conclusion.

The word conspiracy comes to mind, but that evokes all sorts of disbelief.

Whatever is going on, the Paris Conference at the end of this month is less about reducing carbon emissions than getting at the perceived, and some actual, wealth of developed nations.  If it was about reducing carbon emissions, the not so developed nations would be encouraged to employ new technologies that are either cleaner or don’t produce any pollution, but they get a pass when it comes to emissions.  The rest of us get a cap and have to pay a fine of we go over it.  Oh, yeah, that’s fair.

For more information, visit the links highlighted above and IISD Reporting’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin which gives a short history on the evolution of the UN’s efforts to use climate change as a wealth redistribution tool.

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