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Despite Hillary Clinton’s Teflon Exterior FBI Probing More Crimes

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Out on the fruited plain, the majority of justice loving Americans still expect Hillary Clinton to walk away from any Department of Justice probe into the criminality of her irregular email situation when she “served” as Secretary of State.  The number of emails Hillary had going through an unsecure server that were classified – some with the highest classification rating, too – qualifies as treason, but Hillary being Hillary, she may belong in jail, but she probably won’t end up there.

This week, reports started surfacing that the FBI has expanded its investigation of servergate and the gross negligence charges to request documents from people involved in the scandal and in other parts of the Congressional investigation, something no one related to the Justice Department had done before.  Thanks to Fox News, the specifics on what they are looking for have also come to light:

Fox News is told agents are looking at U.S. Code 18, Section 1001, which pertains to “materially false” statements given either in writing, orally or through a third party. Violations also include pressuring a third party to conspire in a cover-up. Each felony violation is subject to five years in prison….

The section of the criminal code being explored is known as “statements or entries generally,” and can be applied when an individual makes misleading or false statements causing federal agents to expend additional resources and time. In this case, legal experts as well as a former FBI agent said, Section 1001 could apply if Clinton, her aides or attorney were not forthcoming with FBI agents about her emails, classification and whether only non-government records were destroyed.

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir has far more details on the subject and just what the FBI is probably looking at, but the gist of it is that they want to know if Hillary conspired to lie, and what and who was involved in any cover up.  Not that thinking Americans have much in the way of delusions when it comes to Hillary actually going to jail, but at least the people at the FBI aren’t just shelving this investigation.

We’ll see where this one goes.

Yes, this all started with the Special Committee on Benghazi and trying to find out who knew what and when, who gave a stand down order (if there was one), and a lot more.  Little did we know it was just the tip of the iceberg.  Not that we should be equating Hillary with the Titantic.  Maybe.

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