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DENIAL: Liberals Think Syrian Refugees Are Just Like The Jews In 1939


There are days one has to wonder about otherwise pretty smart friends who managed to graduate from college and pass the bar in more than one state.  They fall for some of the dumbest claptrap.

This week, after the terrorist attacks carried out in Paris that were staged in Belgium, actually, the featherheads are insisting that the Syrian refugees that over half the U.S. states and no Islamic country wants are, well, just like the Jews escaping the Nazis in 1939.

This growing cry to turn away people fleeing for their lives brings to mind the SS St. Louis, the ship of Jewish refugees turned away from Florida in 1939. It’s perhaps the ugliest moment in a primary fight that has been sullied by bigotry from the start. It’s no exaggeration to call this un-American.

Or un-Christian. Among those distressed by the latest turn in the GOP primary is the National Association of Evangelicals. “We’re saddened and shocked about what happened in Paris,” said Matthew Soerens, spokesman for World Relief, the evangelical association’s humanitarian arm. “But we don’t think the response should be to close our doors to closely vetted people coming from Syria.” ~ Dana Milbank, The Washington Post

If we were actually closely vetting such people.  Which we aren’t per a number of congresscritters.

Naturally, the confused featherheads who actually believe the United Nations has some sort of sovereignty without American cash and firepower backing it whether we want them to or not, have latched onto this idea rather than taking a cue from the actual Islamic countries that don’t want the Syrian “refugees.”  As sad in one sense as it may be, no one wants the people the world has been told are humanitarian and political asylum seekers.  Yes, that is compelling, but what is downright foolish of the featherheads is to not ask why – AND NONE OF THEM ARE DOING THAT.  They’re just following Milbank’s lead and calling caution xenophobia.

As we saw last week in Paris, people of the same “religion” as the asylum seekers are willing to use any means they can to waltz into a country and destroy things (one would have thought after 9/11 the featherheads would have seen that particular light, but no).  Not only that, the people of the faith who are not hard-core, fundamentalist jihadis won’t even condemn the attacks in question and, in a stunning display of just what they think of western mores inherited from Judeo-Christian morality, will even taunt the west during what is supposed to be a demonstration in remembrance of the victims of terrorism (see booing during the minute of silence before the Turkey-Greece soccer game).

Jews may be a lot of things, but indiscriminate killers of people who aren’t members of their faith is not one of them.  In fact, the Jews do not in any way celebrate killing people who are not part of their tribe.  Ian Tuttle of National Review points out that regardless of the unseemly actions by the state of Florida in 1939, the Jews’ overall culture is similar and part of the rest of the west.  The core rules for living – at least seven of the Ten Commandments – are the same.  So, the comparison of today’s caution in allowing Islamic refugees into the country as opposed to actions taken in 1939 is ludicrous on its face.

Then there is the question of “What Would Jesus Do” or how Christians are to respond to the need for asylum given that one of the seven Corporal Works of Mercy is to harbor the harborless.  For honest to goodness refugees, the people who really do have nowhere else to go – women, children, and the elderly to be specific – even in this situation is not an issue.  It’s the young, unattached men who adhere to a faith that says lying about who they are and what they are up to to the people who are not part of that faith is just fine and dandy that even Jesus would question.  Self-defense is always acceptable for Christians, and don’t forget, the FIRST Crusade, which was technically a pilgrimage before St. Thomas Aquinas developed the just war theory, was called by the Church to take back the holy sites in Jerusalem.  It was a success.  Done for the right reasons, defensive moves are not unChristian at all.

So, to invoke the guilt and compassion of Christianity when responsible adults are questioning the wisdom of admitting tens of thousands of “refugees” that countries of their own faith refuse to admit is dirty pool.  What’s even worse is that erstwhile fairly smart people are falling for the guilt trip.  (What kind of brainwashing Stockholm Syndrome do these people have that common sense just does not exist among them?)  Have the lessons of September 11, 2001 when 19 men took our generosity and used it against us been forgotten?

Apparently so.  As it is, the “refugees” that have made it fairly far are rather demanding people.  And one of them who was “settled” in Louisiana somehow managed to find his way to Washington, D.C., where the FBI is awfully worried about the threats of further terrorist attacks in the wake of Paris.

Yes, we in the United States are largely a nation of immigrants.  Many of us are descendants of Europeans who came here to escape famine, poverty, religious persecution, and to seek a better life.  But our ancestors had no interest in killing the people who were already here and demanding changes to the culture and laws just to suit them.  They managed to live within the framework that was already here.  So far, muslim Islamists have not demonstrated a total commitment to that way of thinking.  Yes, there are those who will assimilate, but until we have a foolproof way of figuring out who those people are, it’s better to be safe than sorry when more smoldering ruins force us to give up even more of our liberties.

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