Democrats Neglect the Safety of American Citizens in Todays “Kate’s Law” Vote, Who do you think they’re working for?




Kate’s Law came about when an illegal felon shot and killed a beautiful young lady on the Pier in San Francsco, CA.  Kate Steinle was walking along with her father when a bullet went through her and she died in her fathers arms while pleading for help.  Nearby, was Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez Son Of A Bitch.  An illegal Mexican felon who was deported several times.  He came back over and commited more felonies, and Kate is who he murdered.

Today, the Democrats won a vote (54-45) to kill a Bill that is labeled,” Kate’s Law”.  This bill would protect Americans from dirtballs like this 45 yr-old illegal Mexican criminal.  The Bill would prevent protecting illegal criminals who live in Sanctuary cities and give a mandatory 5 year sentence to illegal felons caught re-rentering the country.  Our Federal Government would HAVE  to apprehend them and make them pay for their crimes.  Sanctuary cities don’t allow Feds to apprehend and prosecute illegals.  We have over 200 Sanctuary cities in the US where illegal criminals, terrorists and gang members go to hide. They live here and get away with murder, rape, theft, fraud, etc. etc. etc.  This Bill would put an abrupt stop to that.  It would protect us from illegals who laugh at us while they do crime.


The Democrats just spit on the American people!  Why?  So the 30 million or so illegals here will vote Democrat.  Its a proven fact.

Ann Coulters new book, titled “Adios America”, reads on pg. 79, that illegals vote Democrat 8-2.  Yes, illegals DO vote.  It makes no sense at all.  It also reads that if they voted 8-2 Republican,” Chuck Shumer would be down on the border with his Minutemen”.  What is it that Democrats don’t like about protecting American citizens?  Why would they vote  to allow illegals to break laws against our citizens and our Country?  That’s what they did today!

This sad news is a celebration for Dems and Liberals alike.  They seem to defy our Constituion, hate Americans and are obsessed with Political Power to over rule what our country was built upon.  The Constitution protects us against our government taking power FROM American citizens.

To answer the question about, Who are the Democrats working for?  To answer is tw0 in one, ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THEMSELVES.