San Bernardino: Death By Political Correctness

A police officer deploys tape to an area near where authorities stopped a vehicle in San Bernardino, Calif., Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. Multiple attackers opened fire on a banquet at a social services center for the disabled in San Bernardino on Wednesday, killing multiple people and sending police on a manhunt for suspects. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Photo by AP/Damian Dovarganes

Can we stop with the political correctness now?  Can we please quit calling obvious cases of terrorism fomented by Islamists, whatever their reasoning, “workplace violence” and “extremism”.  Can we dispense with the liberal line that limiting access to firearms will make them less easy to get?  And can we PLEASE start profiling?  Please, PLEASE, pretty please with sugar on top?

Due to personal and family issues, this writer didn’t pay all that much attention to the rough draft of history, uh, the initial reports or reactions on what she will call the “San Bernardino incident in the Islamic invasion of America.”  The second draft – before the media has a chance to white wash it – is always more informative.  And in the second wave of information we find out that the shooter:

  • was operating a homemade IED factory in his garage
  • had people coming to and from his house on a regular basis, sometimes late at night
  • grew a beard which tends to be a sign of encroaching fundamentalism in a muslim
  • was receiving a lot of packages
  • was not on any sort of FBI or Homeland Security watch list.

In the era of “see something, say something” you’d think the nosey neighbors who observed these happenings would have called someone to check out what seemed to be out of the ordinary behavior.  But no, the people of Farook’s ‘hood “didn’t want to profile him.”

(This writer has a couple of neighbors who get packages all the time, but one is a Lionel model train dealer and the other is a computer geek who takes in stray dogs.  Neither wears a beard, and both are Christians.  Don’t think there’s anything hinky going on there.)

There are a number of conservative bloggers identifying this fear of profiling muslims as “Clock Boy Hysteria,” but the truth is that Americans in various places have been reluctant to profile and call it like they see it for some time.  And it isn’t just in regards to Islam and its adherents.  No, we, as a nation, have been brainwashed into not labeling other people other than using the words noncompliant, difficult, and extremist, but only in relation to politics and religion, and then, well, only if one is a Christian, and believes in the sanctity of human life in the womb.

We have also been shamed via lawsuit into forfeiting our free speech rights and denying requests from law enforcement for citizen surveillance by an executive administration that refuses to call a spade a spade and put the words “Islamic,” “Radical,” “Extremist” and/or “Terrorist” all in the same sentence.  This is the so-called “clock-boy hysteria” identified by Nancy French of Patheos.

Not sure that this is completely true, but after that episode and now an obvious Islamist walking into a Christmas party and shooting the place up, political correctness on the topic of Islamic terrorism is getting people killed.

What the people who didn’t want to profile their neighbors are saying is the peer pressure of not being called out for ridicule is more desirable a place to be than patriotic hero if the neighbors are plotting to blow up the county public works Christmas party.  That thought process really no longer has a defense.  Not even after the Occupier of the Oval Office and the rest of the lapdog, lunatic left started calling for increased gun control when the shooters didn’t get the guns from any American dealer who has to go through the approval process, but from another party that did purchase them legally.  (Stupidest argument for gun control yet is the “make it harder” thing.  Where there’s demand, a black market will emerge and prices will go up since lawless people don’t give a darn about the legalities.)

What has happened to this country?  We shame the good into accepting and tolerating the bad.  We take in members of a political cult masquerading as a religion and stand by and watch as they plot to kill us.  We have people out there willing to meekly give away their rights that all those people buried in Arlington National Cemetery gave their lives to defend in the name of not provoking those same members of the political cult…in the most politically incorrect language possible: among us, there is a fifth column of brainwashed cowards, and their inaction is going to get a lot more of us killed.

We’ll call it “Death by Political Correctness.”  Why?  Because the people out there, in their zeal to be fair to everyone around them and their desire not to be ridiculed, let their shame overrule common sense and gut feelings that say “something is not right here.”  Darn tootin’ something isn’t right.  Twenty five years of political correctness has wrecked us.

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