Cops To NFL: PLEASE Allow Concealed Carry In Your Venues


The Fraternal Order of Police needs the National Football League’s help to combat terrorism.    FOP President Chuck Canterbury wrote to NFL frontman and lapdog for the Billionaire Boys Club owners, Roger Goodell, asking for off-duty and retired law enforcement be allowed to exercise their second amendment rights, and be allowed to carry concealed inside the stadiums and domes where the Sunday afternoon modern day gladiators do battle.

“Today, I am writing on behalf of the members of the Fraternal Order of Police to urge you to rescind this policy, which weakens the safety and security of NFL players, personnel and fans,” read the Nov. 20 letter, which was reported “The terrorist attacks and threats of attacks from organizations like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are selecting targets based on the amount of death and injury they can inflict — mass murder and casualty events.

“Well-attended venues and areas are being deliberately targeted by the radical killers who do not intend or expect to survive the assault,” the letter continued. “Law enforcement, even when working actively with highly trained and skilled security professionals, cannot be certain that all threats will be detected and neutralized.”

This writer stood in line for thirty minutes to go through airport style mags before a St. Louis Blues – Chicago Blackhawks game not too long ago.  (Who the heck is going to go up against Blackhawks fans?  They’d beat the crap out of anyone who tried.) When we in line started talking about how long it would be before we didn’t have to do this anymore, yours truly said, when they start letting people in with guns.  Naturally, the brainwashed in the group all started, “Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea.  Drunk people and guns.”  Didn’t bother to mention the possibility of knives.

As it happens, those who are carrying concealed in most states forfeit the alcohol while they are carrying the gun by law.  So that argument doesn’t hold water for off-duty and former law enforcement.  They would know better, and would be more likely to not give into temptation.  That doesn’t mean the NFL is going to go along with the police and their request.

“We concluded that public safety inside NFL stadiums on game days would be best-served by the carrying of firearms by on-duty officers specifically assigned to work the game as part of the comprehensive public safety plan for the event,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told “This approach has been certified by the Department of Homeland Security under the SAFETY Act (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies).”…

“Off-duty officers attend games as spectators and are unknown to working law enforcement officers and security personnel,” McCarthy said. “They may not have the same training and do not participate in the weekly preparation meetings. They are not included in the on-site chain of command. The well-intentioned display or use of gun could have serious unintended and potentially tragic consequences.”

The NFL, like just about every other large-scale venue operation, does use off-duty and uniformed police as well as civilian services for security purposes.  The premise fronted by McCarthy in his statement is a little ridiculous in that police tend to know each other by behavior and stance, even if they are not on a first name basis.  At their core, no, they may not have a specific knowledge of chain of command, but real cops know when to get out of the way unlike the women who have to resort to handbaggering terrorists if they present themselves with those see through purses that the NFL insisted on us carrying last season.  All the guys can do is pour beer on them.

Concealed carry has never been a problem at NFL venues before the ban was put in place last year…or any other large scale venue, come to think of it.  The issues presented by the NFL, and fans who don’t know firearms rights are smoke screens.  In the fight against terrorism (and tyranny, for that matter), arming the people and allowing them to defend themselves is vital.  The NFL’s stance in this case is one of control, not safety and security.  Perhaps the fans might think about that.

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