Will Coddled Wussies Decide America’s Future? This is Unbelievable!



The future generation of kids who will graduate with any type of degree will be tainted with emotional baggage due to obsessive coddling by their parents.  It appears that mom and dad’s guilt trips for making the almighty dollar are creating a generation of wussies.

Lifezette.com published an article  that reveals, “Many college students are showing themselves incapable of accessing even basic internal coping skills.  As a result, today’s colleges and universities are becoming equal parts psychologists, in absentia parents, and even academic scapegoats (when students don’t get the grades they thought they would, for example).”


“The results of over a decade of nonstop hand-holding and helicopter parenting are boomeranging back to parents and educators.”

Lenore Skenazy, founder of FreeRangeKids.com writes, “This comes from a society that makes adults fear everything, and constantly tells them they are not doing enough and not worrying about enough, so they parent their kids accordingly.”

Many liberal college professors over sensitize most issues.  When teaching a subject that may “trigger” a past abuse event in a student must be forewarned with a verbal term called “trigger warning”.

At the University of California, Santa Barbara, the student government recently passed a resolution that makes these “trigger warnings” mandatory.  California is known for educators being Liberal Lunatics.

Their logic is as far out now as it was in the 60’s and 70’s drug era.  The warnings include cautions professors must add to their course.

“This isn’t that surprising, considering what is regularly happening: Students are swarming their campus counseling offices for once-trivial life occurrences, such as being made to feel bad by another student. In one “funny-if-it-weren’t-so-sad” case, two students saw a mouse, dialed 911, and then sought counseling for the resulting trauma — an apparent case of rodent PTSD”, the article reads.

In the stampede to campus counseling offices, student also complain of anxiety over multiple issues.  Previous generations suffered from depression the most.  Nowadays students complain of anxiety disorder plus depression plus any element of emotion that makes us human.  They can’t handle life’s lessons regarding emotion vs. fact.  I tend to blame Liberal lecturers for this, as well as today’s child rearing practices.  Our kids are coddled into “jello”  and in this scenario, “there’s not always room for jello.”

Young adults raised with constant hand-holding, hugging , germ warfare, and “stranger danger”, has created a psychosis neurosis that could end up “triggering”  a gun one day.

It’s time for parents to “let go”.  A child needs a challenge, and parents can protect their safety without hovering over every move they make growing up.