Climate Scientists Don’t Know Much About History – The Global Warming Scam Exposed


So, in this space yesterday, this writer posited that the global warming propaganda has failed to generate the sort of hysteria that leads civilizations to commit suicide.  Frankly, Americans just aren’t worried about it.  After all, there still is a prediction out there that the sun may well be going to sleep and we will be plunged into another mini-ice age or at least we will be colder than we have been.  (Need to step up the crochet projects.)

But, really, the “climate” news gets better.  Earlier this week, climate “scientists” announced that while the ice sheets reaching the sea on Antarctica are, yes, retreating every year, that amount of ice is replaced on the glaciers at a rate of three to one thanks to snowfall over the rest of the continent.  Go figure.

Well, as it happens, and is reported by, the retreat of the Antarctic ice sheets reaching the sea has been observed for almost 200 years.  Not only that, in 1977, the “collapse” of the Antarctic ice sheets was known, and considered to be part of natural cycles.

Ant ice sheet UK Tele 2015-11-02-19-25-411

This clipping is from the Independent Press Telegram in Long Beach California, on January 23 ,1977.  Don’t know what readers remember of January 1977, but out here on the fruited plain we were under a whole lot of snow.  (It was worse the following winter.)  All these years after newspapers converted to computers and cold type, hot type is not so easy to read, so for the record:

“We’re seeing the west ice sheet on its way out. It has nothing to do with climate, just the dynamics of unstable ice.” 
– Dr. Richard Cameron, 1977 
NSF Program Manager for Glaciology

National Science Foundation, huh.  But really, that’s not even the best “dig-up” of the climate science archival world.  The clipping below is from July 21, 1932.  The publication is The Queenslander (1866-1939):

Ant ice sheet 1932

Just to put this in modern American parlance: for a couple hundred years, since around 1830, the Antarctic ice sheets have been known to be shrinking, and that pre-dates the bulk of the Industrial Revolution.  It ain’t humans that’s causing this if it’s been going on that long.  Explorers back in the colonial period saw it.

What they didn’t see happening at that point, though, was the snowfall in the middle of the continent and the ice being made up elsewhere at three times the rate of the ice sheets shrinking which was revealed this week.  For THAT we had to have modern ways of keeping warm on Antarctica, or satellite photos.

Naturally, after learning this, the average American climate skeptic would say, but why would climate scientists tell us that man is responsible for the polar ice caps shrinking if they’ve known they’ve been in retreat for centuries?  According to Real Climate Science, either they didn’t know, which is a negligence that begins at the education level, or they do, and have known this, and are under pressure from a number of governments to keep that reality hidden.

In 2014, The Daily Mail reported a stunning admission from Harvard professor Robert Stavins that a late night negotiating session of the IPCC climate document produced in Berlin that year was dominated by climate negotiators representing nations and regions, not science, for the climate change treaties, and that “almost all of them made clear that ‘any text that was considered inconsistent with their interests and positions in multilateral negotiations was treated as unacceptable.’”

So, that probably knocked out any statements that said Antarctic ice is INCREASING overall and that the sea ice sheets have been in retreat for centuries, if that information was there at all.  Dr. Stavins claimed at the time that over two thirds of the original document was omitted once the climate negotiators were done with it, and not much of the actual science remained.

All of this information coming to the fore is pointing to one gigantic reality: MAN MADE Climate Change and or Global Warming is not just a myth, but a scam to guilt industrialized nations into giving up their sovereignty and submitting to global rule of Non-Government Organizations.  Carbon trading?  Who are these people kidding?  Carbon is the building block of life.  Carbon dioxide is food for plants.  Why is it being demonized?  To profit from a useless trade, and redistribute global wealth without changing national government systems.

We are about to be treated to one of the most outrageous spectacles in Paris later this month: the much anticipated 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference.  At that event, the scientists and erstwhile thinking people of the world may try to inject some common sense into the negotiations for a treaty that will be called anything but so that it does not have to be ratified by the U.S. Senate will be ridiculed, maligned, shouted down, put down, and otherwise hung in effigy all so that John Kerry and who ever else he has with him can bend over and say “thank you, sir, may I have another” to the dictators who want access to our money.  Why will these people who are honest enough to caution against giving away the store be subjected to ruination?  Because they dare to tell the truth and upset the carefully woven tapestry of lies that attempted to create an aura of crisis among the peoples.  Because they see the scam for what it is: not about science, but a geo-political money grab.  Nothing matters other than that.  Not even the historical record.

P.s. The most reliable predictors of winter weather in these parts, the woolly worm catepillar, have all been showing up with black on the tips and brown in the middle.  Probably, El Niño’s influence, but it looks like a mild winter in what can be the harshest months.

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