[Classic Rewind] Hillary Clinton Farts During Live Debate. The Public Reacts!




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This is a question that has been asked time and again since the 2007 democratic debate which was telecast live all over the world. Did Hillary Clinton really fart during the live debate on CNN?

At least videos currently circulating all over the internet show she did.

In the videos, Hillary Clinton is visibly uncomfortable. No one knows why. It could be as a result of the impending question coming her way, or because of something else. But all the same her interviewer goes on to ask the following question:

“Your opponents are saying that that is really part of the larger pattern with you that you often avoid taking firm position on controversial issues……”

It was at this point that Hillary Clinton is seen to be passing out gas.

Her action causes total silence amongst the utterly stunned audience, her co-debaters and the interviewer.

– See more at: http://hosbeg.com/did-hillary-clinton-really-fart-live-on-tv/#sthash.lTJKwTwK.dpuf

After extensive research, it appears that the viral video from the 2007 Democratic Debate has generated no results of verification that Hillary Clinton did in fact, FART during a live television broadcast of the debate. All the same, the entertainment value is off the charts, all historical inaccuracy aside. Just the two words, Hillary and fart, seem to bring such guilty joy to the conservative’s mind. God Bless America, and God Bless the Internet!  –American Godfather


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