Charlie Daniels Suggests Some DRASTIC Ideas To Stop Welfare Babies. Do You Think They’re Too Harsh?



I have never heard such a powerful and sobering message about what is happening to our country today. Charlie Daniels has never been one to hold back when it comes to his opinions, but this message is deeper than the ones I have heard before. In a post on Mr. Daniels writes:


“I believe in charity, but sometimes I think I have a much different definition than many people, and definitely a different definition from the one the government operates on. However, what the government practices is not actually charity, but patronage.

Now put aside your politics, your political correctness, your automatic rhetorical responses and answer these questions honestly.

Is any able-bodied person entitled to spend their lives sponging on the federal or state dole while you work hard to make a living and pay the taxes that support them?

Does anybody have the right to bring children into this world and walk away without ever paying a cent for their support, leaving the cost of their upbringing to the taxpayers?

If your answers to the two above questions was no, then you should be as angry, disgusted and disillusioned as I am. I’m fed up with the bogus disability claims and men who father scores of children and are never held accountable for their welfare.

There are men who go through life carelessly fathering dozens of children who will never even know his name. They leave behind whole families of underprivileged kids who will never have a decent chance at life, raised in a hard scrabble, hand-to-mouth existence, in an environment where dodging bullets is a way of life and the local drug dealer is the most respected person in the neighborhood.

People say that we’ve gone so far into the entitlement direction that there is no way to rectify it, but actually, there is a very simple way to fix this problem.

To qualify for public assistance, the mother of the child should be required to identify the father, a simple task in this era of DNA testing. The father then either supports his children, all his children, or goes to jail until they all reach the age of majority.

If he has fathered multiple children, then he should have multiple jobs. No copouts, and no exceptions.

Just start this program, let the word get around and watch the birth rate of fatherless children fall like a brick.

There are some who draw a disability check from the government and then go out and participate in sports and other strenuous exercises, no more disabled than a racehorse.

That person – after medical exams to prove the sham – should be taken off assistance, spend a year in jail and be forced to pay back the money they’ve already been paid.

Drastic measures?

Absolutely, but things have gone so far that nothing less than drastic measures will ever turn it around.”


He ends the article with a warning that all Americans need to understand,

“We are due a day of reckoning. And make no mistake about it, it’s coming.”

Charlie Daniels couldn’t be more right . Liberals are outraged by his message. One even claimed, “you would rather demonize underprivileged people so that your rabid conservotard base will listen to your music.”

THAT is the exact attitude that is destroying this county. Demanding personal responsibility is now considered “demonizing the underprivileged”.  The “people” Mr. Daniels spoke about are not “underprivileged”, they are POOR. They are poor because of the choices THEY made in life, and it’s hurting their children and our future.  Nothing is going to change unless we make some serious and painful changes. That is just the reality of it. It’s time to wake up and accept what needs to be done.